5 Things Sweet and Lovely...

By Meream

1 Love Letters

Here's an idea: keep old love letters (if people still write them) from your husband/boyfriend and then give them to your kids when you grow old. Sweet!

2 Bella Overload

I have a confession: I find Kristen Stewart pretty. I think, looks-wise, she does make a perfect Bella. If you agree, you will like these lovely photos of Bella.

3 Things That Flutter about

Aren't butterflies just lovely? I wish I can identify most that I see when I go out but I have terrible eyesight. Anyway, here are some beautiful butterflies for you to get to know.

4 Wrapped in Lace

I already did a mini-blog about lace here but the topic is worth mentioning again. Here are some lacy pieces to help you get started on your "sweet and sexy" looks.

5 Banana Delight

Who loves bananas? *raises hands frantically* I do, so very much. If you feel the same, you will love these banana bites. The best part: they look sweet and easy to make!

Read anything lately that made you say "Aww" or "Hmm" with a matching smile? We'd love to know all about it. Hit us up in the comments section!

Top Photo Credit: Jayegirl99

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