5 Things Sweet and Lovely...

1. Love Letters

Here's an idea: keep old love letters (if people still write them) from your husband/boyfriend and then give them to your kids when you grow old. Sweet!

2. Bella Overload

I have a confession: I find Kristen Stewart pretty. I think, looks-wise, she does make a perfect Bella. If you agree, you will like these lovely photos of Bella.

3. Things That Flutter about

Aren't butterflies just lovely? I wish I can identify most that I see when I go out but I have terrible eyesight. Anyway, here are some beautiful butterflies for you to get to know.

4. Wrapped in Lace

I already did a mini-blog about lace here but the topic is worth mentioning again. Here are some lacy pieces to help you get started on your "sweet and sexy" looks.

5. Banana Delight

Who loves bananas? *raises hands frantically* I do, so very much. If you feel the same, you will love these banana bites. The best part: they look sweet and easy to make!

Read anything lately that made you say "Aww" or "Hmm" with a matching smile? We'd love to know all about it. Hit us up in the comments section!

Top Photo Credit: Jayegirl99