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8 Wacky Ways to Show Love ...

By Melanie

There’s a way to show love, but then you have those wacky ways to show love. Those wacky ways will be sure to capture your lovers attention, at least I think they will. I always enjoy doing things differently from everyone else. Right now, I want to share some of my ideas and give you 8 wacky ways to show love …

Table of contents:

  1. adrenaline rush
  2. make a video
  3. love coupons
  4. love notes
  5. cookies
  6. glow in the dark message
  7. rent-a-car
  8. something in bed

8 Adrenaline Rush

For that adrenaline rush, go paintballing, rock-climbing, scuba diving or anything else that will give a rush. Make sure you do this with your partner. That adrenaline rush is going to bring out cool things in that bedroom later that day. At least, I think they will.

7 Make a Video

No, I am not talking about a sex video! Naughty you for even thinking that. I am talking about taking your video recorder, setting it up and talking about how the two of you first met and special things that really stick out in your relationship. Make this a special video for the one you love. Don’t worry, this isn’t cheesy.

6 Love Coupons

Oh yes, I love these love coupons! Did you know that you can actually purchase them at Barnes & Noble? They are under fifteen dollars. You have everything from love making sessions (for free) to fulfilling fantasies. Your lover will be sure to enjoy these coupons.

5 Love Notes

These are not your average love notes. Write love noted on the mirrors in your house. You can do this with soap or with your favorite lipstick. To remove it, crumple up newspaper and use a solution of 50/50 vinegar and water. You could always use a kid’s washable marker, which will make cleanup easier.

4 Cookies

If you are good in the kitchen, then go bake some cookies. With the frosting, write love messages on them. You could also do this on cupcakes. Slip them to your partner for lunch.

3 Glow in the Dark Message

I like this idea – do you know those glow in the dark stars that you can post everywhere? Get them and post a special message on the ceiling right above your bed.

2 Rent-a-Car

Rent him a stunning Ferrari to use for the day. I know, this could be a bit expensive, but if you have the extra money, kit is well worth doing.

1 Something in Bed

Agree to do something in bed that you have never tried before. Something you know your lover has been wanting to try or something you think they would like to try. Communication will help you determine what they want.

Those are my 8 wacky ways to show love. I like being creative in many things, including showing my husband how much I love him. I do hope you take this list to mind and use it. There are some interesting things on it that would be fun for the right couple. So, what is the wackiest thing you have ever done to show someone that you love them?

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