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5 Things We'd Love for You to Love...

By Meream

1 All Things Warm and Furry

Vampires are great and all but our dog-lover friends might be more into werewolves. Want to know things to love about them? Check out the link.

2 Turning a Year Older

...and wiser and more fabulous! Birthdays are fun, as they should be. Read Dani's post to make you love birthdays more. She is one wise lady.

3 Helping out

Your part of the world may be perfect but there are people out there who are not as lucky. We hope that reaching out to help those in need become something that you love doing.

4 Our Feathered Friends

I may be scared of chickens and ducks but I do love me some birds. If you feel the same, you will love the birds listed on this link.

5 Spending Precious Time with Your Family

The last days of summer should motivate you to spend more time with your family. This sweet post will give you ideas on how to do just that.

How about you? Have you read some blog posts lately about ideas, things, and people to love? Tell us by leaving a comment or two.

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