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7 Facts on Valentines Day

By Melanie

Doves, love birds, hearts, teddy bears and cupid are in the air as Valentine’s Day is approaching us. Yes, the love is in the air. Stores are already stocking up on Valentine’s Day gifts. Many of us are anticipating it, while others are hoping it will go away. For those of you that are in the mood for some Valentine’s Day facts, I am here to give you 7 facts on Valentine’s Day …

7 Medieval Times

The girls during the medieval times enjoyed eating bizarre foods on Valentine’s Day. They did this in order to dream of their future spouse. I always thought this was a cute fact.

6 Flowers

Seventy three percent of the individuals that purchase flowers on Valentine’s Day are men. While twenty percent of the people who purchase flowers are women. Hey, it’s okay for a woman to purchase flowers. Many women purchase flowers for their mothers.


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5 Women Sending Themselves Flowers

Have you ever heard of women sending themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. I watched a show not too long ago where a woman in an office kept sending herself flowers to her office. Her workers were surprised that someone was sending her so many flowers. Here’s an interesting fact for you: About fifteen percent of the women who live in the United States send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.

4 Fantastic Gift

I remember reading about the most fantastic gift given by a man to a woman. It was the Taj Mahal, which is in India. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his lovely wife. The Taj Mahal is beautiful! For a long time, I had a picture of the Taj Mahal on my desktop. This is the most wonderful gift one could give to their lover.

3 Red Rose

Venus, the Roman goddess of love enjoyed red roses. In fact, red roses were her favourite. The red rose stands for strong feelings, therefore, it is the flower of love. This is why the red rose is a big seller on Valentine’s Day.

2 Wales

There are different traditions throughout the world and they are all fun to read about, but right now, I am going to point out Wales. In Wales, the trend is to give love spoons on Valentine’s Day. These spoons have lovely carvings on them.

1 Middle Ages

During the middle ages, young women and men took names out of a bowl. The name they drew would be their Valentine. They would wear the persons name on their sleeve for a whole week.

Those are 7 facts on Valentine’s Day. I know, many of you out there may already know these facts, but it is always fun to share them with those who do not know them. There are so many lovely facts out there that are worth sharing. So, now, it would be great if you post a fact on Valentine’s Day that you do not see on here – it can be any fact you like, I am sure we all will be delighted to read about it! :)

Happy Valentine's!

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