10 Things to Treat Yourself to on Valentine's Day ...


Who said you can’t buy yourself a Valentine's present? You know yourself best, and a bit of self-love is good for everyones' confidence. So make sure you don’t forget to buy the important present this year... the one for you! Here are my top ten things to treat yourself too this Valentine's Day...

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Soapy CupCakes!

Soapy CupCakes! Photo Credit: Oh, Sugar! (Destini Hinkle)

I love bathtime, and there is nothing more special than having something gorgeous to add. These handmade cupcakes are perfect! They smell of divine pastries and contain no harsh chemicals, so you will smell and look great! And they are only for $4.50! I know I love adorable and inexpensive gifts like this one.
Where to Get It: etsy.com



Candles Photo Credit: Ian Lambert

I don’t believe that there is a woman alive who doesn’t love candles, and this one is my personal favorite! The whole range smells gorgeous, and are rated on smell strength, so you know exactly what to expect. The Valentine's style ‘Pink Sugar’ variety smells of strawberries, fig leaves, musk and orange citrus...it’s unbeatable, and it’s sure to add that romantic touch to your room.
Where to Get It: etsy.com



Corset Every girl loveslingerie, and handmade ones are even more special. This sexy black corset is sure to make you feel a million dollars, and is made to fit your curves. I love the suspender straps with bows, too! It’s well made, too, and features steel boning and silk. Go on, spoil yourself!
Where to Get It: agentprovocateur.com


Flower Garden Bracelet

Flower Garden Bracelet Every woman loves her jewelryand I’m personally in love with this bracelet, and it’s the perfect present for yourself! Featuring pink Lucite flowers, shell and glass leaves and pearls, it’s big and beautiful, and makes for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It’s completely unique, too, so you know you’ll be the only person with it.
Where to Get It: etsy.com


Fireworks down under Necklace

Fireworks down under Necklace This is another stunning piece of handmade jewellery, featuring a wooden pendant on a silk strap. The colours are gorgeous, especially the beautiful pink, and it looks blue from a distance. Whatever you are wearing, this is the perfect mix of unique prettiness to make your outfit your own!
Where to Get It: etsy.com


Hot Heart Magnets

Hot Heart Magnets Looking for something to spruce up your kitchen? These hot red magnets are very cute, and are perfect for pinning up anything. Now I don't really spend much time cooking in the kitchen but I know that every time I pass my fridge, these cute little hearts will cheer me up!
Where to Get It: mardel.com


An Umbrella Dress

An Umbrella Dress I am in love with this super cute umbrella dress! It’s so flattering, and eye catching. This is one of those outfits that will make you feel on top of the world, and make everyone else smile too! Plus it’s made of cotton, and is hand stitched. Wear it to a fun brunch with the girls or to a coffee date. This is definitely on my list!
Where to Get It: etsy.com


Valentine’s Day Pillows

Valentine’s Day Pillows Photo Credit: Odie - Odysseus of the Doggie World

If you are thinking of cuddling up on the sofa with a romantic movie, you should definitely get this pillow to get comfy with! The pattern is interesting and eye catching, and the pink is very cheerful...it always makes me smile! It’s perfect for brightening up even the dullest sofa.
Where to Get It: etsy.com


Heart Shaped Chocolates

Heart Shaped Chocolates Photo Credit: oh_fiddlestix

I love these chocolates! Actually any kind ofchocolate makes me feel good but these ones make my heart skip a beat! You can get the best heart shaped chocolates at any Godiva store. Or you can even order a box of chocolates online. They are divine! Team them with a cappuccino or some wine for the perfect way to celebrate.
Where to Get It: godiva.com


Marc Jacobs Mirror Heart Clutch

Marc Jacobs Mirror Heart Clutch I love Marc Jacobs wallets! They are bright colored and oh-so-cute! Priced at $22, this cute little clutch couldn't have been priced better! I love the vibrant colours it comes in, but the red one is my favourite. No matter which colour you choose, It’ll look brilliant with most outfits and is sure to cheer you up!
Where to Get It: marcjacobs.com

So whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, make sure you’ve bought yourself something special! I recommend buying chocolates and watching a chic flick, it’s a great day to celebrate being a lady! Have you already bought yourself a present, or are you planning on getting one? I’d love to hear about it!

Top Photo Credit: Moranga

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That corset is just killing me! It looks amazing! I would love to have that..

Those cupcake soaps look good enough to eat :DD For my valentines day... I celebrated chinese new year =) It happens to be on the same day and we watched fireworks from the richmond ozone. The fireworks were sooo amazing ^^

What sweetttt ideam! I have to say I loved them all!! It's nice preparing for Valentines, as it's such a special feast for loved ones! I love preparing dinner, athmospehere and my self for this special occasion! I hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day babess! xxx

Aww, these are all very sweet :) I got myself some pretty tulips to remind myself how awesome I am despite being single on Valentine's Day :D It's a great idea because you can brighten up any room with flowers, and they will remind you to love yourself first, before anyone else can! Some friends laughed and thought it was a bit loserish, but whatever- I'm not the one who PLANNED to spend Valentine's Day at home, crying over the soppiest rom-coms! I went and watched Percy Jackson with my family and had a great time. I also completely cleaned my room so now the flowers add a nice touch and are a reminder of the great day I had! :)

Hey, Percy Jackson is really cool! I recommend it to all :) There were a lot of differences between the book and the movie, but I love each story as their own. Plus, Logan Lerman, who plays Percy Jackson, is totally cute! :)

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