9 Things You Need for a Romantic Care Package ...


9 Things You Need for a Romantic Care Package ...
9 Things You Need for a Romantic Care Package ...

It does not need to be a special occasion for you to treat your significant other, for you to show them exactly how much they mean to you. Here are 9 things you need for a romantic care package.

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Short List Tell the Receiver How Much They Mean to You

Short List Tell the Receiver How Much They Mean to You Photo Credit: cleebster

Create a short list saying why the receiver deserves the care package. This will show the other person that they do mean a lot to you because you have actually taken the time to think about them.


Some Massage Oils

Some Massage Oils Photo Credit: HongYorkPhuket

You could spoil your partner by putting some massage oils in the care package and then treating them to a soothing massage. Often for relaxation peppermint is recommended as it has soothing qualities that really help to ease away any tension.


A Specially Designed Card by You

A Specially Designed Card by You Photo Credit: Kjers..

A few kind words written by you in a specially designed card will make your significant other feel really special. If you are not too creative then you could always by the card and include a letter inside. In my opinion even if the homemade card does not look fantastic you will show your partner that you took the time and effort.


Selection of Chocolates and Candy

Selection of Chocolates and Candy Photo Credit: Co®tex™

Unless your partner has an allergy to chocolate, which you should really know, then you can not go wrong with this gift. Add a selection of their favourite chocolate and candy to their care package, if they have been down recently then this will help to cheer them up.


Picture Album

Picture Album Photo Credit: MyTangerineDreams

This is closely related to idea number four; you are bound to have a lot of photographs either of both of you together or separate or other family members. You could take the time to create a photo album of all the most memorable occasions, things that you know meant a lot to your partner.


Scrap Book

Scrap Book Photo Credit: Snowfire11♥

You are likely to have visited a lot of places with your significant other, whether you have watched theatre shows, comedians, taken a trip abroad and so on, and there are a lot of memories attached to each trip. A sweet way to show that person just how much they mean to you is to create a scrap book of some of the best places you have been or funniest shows that you have seen. This will take a lot of time to complete but it will be worth it when you see your loved ones reaction.


A CD Compilation of Your Partner’s Favourite Songs

A CD Compilation of Your Partner’s Favourite Songs Photo Credit: fabbriciuse

In my opinion a CD compilation of all of is an amazing gift as it takes a lot of time and patience to compile. You have to know your partner well to know what music they really like and you then have to trawl through downloading the music onto a disc.


Little Teddy Bear

Little Teddy Bear Photo Credit: oldsads

Regardless of whether your partner is male or female a little teddy bear is always the way to go. Women adore teddy as they see them as being cute and a nice token, at the same time men like to receive a cuddly animal as it shows that the other person really cares. If you are often away for long periods of time then why not consider buying a giant teddy because your partner will be able to hug it in remembrance of you.


A Bottle of Champagne or Other Beverage

A Bottle of Champagne or Other Beverage Photo Credit: LellePelle

In the majority of cases a bottle of champagne will go down well with your significant other and it is likely to put you both in an even happier mood. However, if they are like me and not big drinkers, then maybe add to the package their favourite non alcoholic drink because they are bound to find this enjoyable.

There you have 9 things you need for a romantic care package. This is an ideal way to show that special person how much you care and love them; it shows that you have taken the time and effort to create something meaningful to them.

Top Photo Credit: flickr.com

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well i made a scrap book for my boyfriend ( who had to redo his senior year) before i went to college, we decided to send it back and forth everymonth and i put alot of effort in it and gave it to him before i left that way he could write smthin in it and send it to me in amonth but outta the blue he tells me his mom found it and never gave it back and he dint have the balls to ask .. this story sucks ass and not even a retarded person would believe it and i was so freaking heart broken and still am he is an ignorant ass, i really love him but c'mon wtf...

Hey Sheila, Last nite i took yur advice and asked him what was wrong with him and that if he still had feelings for his ex and that i missed the old him, so this morning he texted me and told me that he's sorry and that he hasn't changed he still loves me and since he hasn't seen me for a long time (3months) the only thing he can think about is me coming back for the holidays... and no, he hasn't always been this way he used to be alot happier but after not getting into college i think it really hurt his feelings and now he's all insecure and last time he told me that he feels like a "junk" for not being able to come see me.. I dont kno what to do to make him feel better and smtimes when i say things to make him feel better he thinks that i'm feeling sorry for him and i dunno i think he doesnt feel like a man...

Hey Sheila Yea i guess you're right... his mom never really talks to him about things... so im not sure either ..but there's this other thing im really confused about.. He never gives me gifts, when we go out he pays most of the time so i know its not about money or nething.. he told me he gave gifts to his ex gfs which makes me even more confused since he never even gave me a gift for my birthday last year, this Tuesday is our anniversary and i sent him a sweater that i thought he wuld like.. he told me he got it yesterday but never said thank you or he liked it... he tells me he loves me but he doesnt know how to express it.. this one time i asked him to giveme an old shirt of his but he woulnt even give me tht.. its not about the gift its just tht it wuld me really nice to hav smthn of his when we're apart... am i asking for too much?

Hey Sheila, Thank you for yur advices! You've been really helpful and i always feel better after reading yur replies and i just read that post nd loved it! Tnkx girl

Hey, I love these ideas and I'm kind of taking a twist off of #3. I'm making a play list of songs I think he'll love and that I love, that also describes how I feel about him. The fact that its a play list and not a CD, makes it easy for him to add to it also :) So in a general statement I suppose its a combination of a scrapbook and a play list :) Thanks for these other GREAT ideas :) Love, Coby <3

am i like just supposed to ask him "why dont you give me any gifts?"... coz if he then gives me a gift it wont count rite??

Cute. I love all these ideas!

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