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So what are your plans for February 14? For those who are romantically involved, have you shopped for a gift for your boy/girl? If the answer is no to the previous question, this short gift guide will help you. Take note, though, that these are gifts ideal for girls. To ladies who are reading this, you may bookmark this post and find a subtle way to make the boyfriend read it. Or, you know, point and say "I want this, PLEASE."

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Pincushion Necklace

Pincushion Necklace Price: $45 at shanalogic

I sew. I craft. And yes, I let the boyfriend know that I want this necklace. In a subtle way, of course. You will love this neckalce because the red felt looks gorgeous paired with the silver-colored thimble and sterling silver chain. This comes with real push pins, too. Great for emergencies, methinks.


Emily Rose Cameo Necklace

Emily Rose Cameo Necklace Price: $15 at shanalogic

The perfect gift for a girly-girl! Not only is the cameo pendant in adorable pink, the ball chain is as well. For guys, give this to your girl with a note along the lines of "you make me see the world through rose-colored glasses" or something like that. We'll guarantee that she'll swoon!



Loveye Price: $29 atshanalogic

This wonderfully handmade plushie will be a perfect sleeping companion for your girl. We suggest that you don't give it with a note that says "I'm keeping an eye on you." That's just wrong.


Glass Stitched Heart Necklace

Glass Stitched Heart Necklace **Price: $**35 at shanalogic

Something for a girl with slightly morbid interests. Or someone who loves Dexter, medical shows, or unique jewelry. The stitched heart pendant isn't the only great thing about this necklace. The lock and key toggle clasp is awesome, too.


Robot Love Cotton Scarf

Robot Love Cotton Scarf **Price: **$20 at shanalogic

You can give this to your girl saying "Before I met you, I was a robot. My life was cold and I didn't know joy." See? Sweet and geeky and all-around adorable!


<3 Dainty Ring

<3 Dainty Ring **Price: **$40 at shanalogic

If you cant' afford a diamond ring just yet, this <3 one is a cute alternative. These are days of internet-speak and we're sure your message will be perfectly understood with this sterling silver ring.


Fluffel Monster Love Devil

Fluffel Monster Love Devil Price: $54 at shanalogic

Too adorable! You can get this and the Loveye up above and your place will be set in your girl's heart. It measures roughly 16" by 16", making it the perfect monster to hug during those cold nights. Or to punch when you do something to make your girl angry.


Crowned Heart Necklace

Crowned Heart Necklace **Price: **$28 at shanalogic

Give with a card that says "You are the queen of my heart." Not very original but it will do the trick. Besides, the recipient will think you're cool because of your understated but sleek taste in jewelry.


I Heart Polaroid Necklace

I Heart Polaroid Necklace **Price: **$15 at shanalogic

Perfect for the photography enthusiast or a girl who loves all things vintage. Yes, I want this, too. The boyfriend gave me around a hundred printed Polaroids for Valentine's last year so this will be a great gift this year, methinks.


Robot Love Print

Robot Love Print **Price: **$14 at shanalogic

Aww look at the sweet boy robot giving a flower to his lady robot friend. You can give this to your girl with an actual flower to match, too.

Aren't these adorable and sweet? If you want to get the biggest hug (and kiss) from your lady this Valentine's Day, these would be great ideas.

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I loved all of them!! :)

the love devil is adorable!

i love all these

Aww, I loved this post! I would love the scarf or the stitch necklace:)

ooooo! Love the scarf! Must throw hints as early as now

I love the scarf and the cute little saying you have to go with it! That is something I would say and then my friends would call me a geeky mush. But I still love it!!

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