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5 Fabulous Chain Items to Own...

By Meream

1 around Your Ankles

Shoes with chain ankle straps must sound so delightful when you walk around. They would even be more delightful when you wear them on your birthday! You know, just because.

2 by the Neckline

Look at the Ann Taylor tank top included on this list and we dare you to tell us that you don't see yourself rocking it. The chain says edgy but the bow gives it a sweet vibe.

3 Hanging from Your Arm

Erika has found us another style must-have for cheap. Can't afford a Stella McCartney chain bag? Go for the Spiegel one! You will be able to save hundreds of dollars if you do.


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4 around Your Neck

I've been crushing on chain necklaces for a while now. I could buy one, yes, but a part of me is saying I should just make some. If only I have the time. If only we have materials similar to the ones used for this fabulous necklace.

5 Wrapped around You

My country is too warm for wearing chain mail-inspired tops so all I can do is be envious of this funky Susie Bubble look.

Chain is kind of big right now in fashion so you have probably seen lots of chain-related posts lately. Tell us about these chain items in the comments section.

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