10 Beautiful Bracelets to Buy ...


10 Beautiful Bracelets to Buy ...
10 Beautiful Bracelets to Buy ...

Who here likes to wear bracelets? I like bracelets. I always have some on. I believe every outfit needs to be complimented with some bracelets. Below, I am going to give you the top 10 bracelets that you must hav…

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Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet Price: $125.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Who here likes charm bracelets? I like them. I think they’re very stylish. With this charm bracelets, it’s all about the sea. You have starfish and hearts. I think this one would look great when you are going to the beach.


Treska "Navajo" Coil Bracelet

Treska "Navajo" Coil Bracelet Price: $24.00 at dillards.com
You have to enjoy a good beaded bracelet every once in awhile, what do you think? This is a nice coil bracelet that will look like you have more than one on. It will be sure to catch many eyes!


Pandora Style "I Love You" Bracelet in Red

Pandora Style "I Love You" Bracelet in Red Price: $24.95 inspiredsilver.com
Not too long ago, my mom showed me some Pandora bracelets and ever since then, I have had a thing for Pandora bracelets. They are unique – not like any other bracelet you would find. This one would be great to give a daughter, girlfriend, mother or wife.


Gelid Petal Bracelet

Gelid Petal Bracelet Price: $38.00 at anthropologie.com
My 5 year old looked at this bracelet and said “that is pretty.” So, take her word for it, it is a pretty bracelet. This has a bunch of iris flowers on it that are clumped up together. I think this one would also make a great gift.


Glass Pearl Bracelet with Peace Sign

Glass Pearl Bracelet with Peace Sign Price: $34.99 at fashionflairs.com
If you are a big fan of the peace sign, then you are going to like this one. This is a green, peace beaded bracelet. If the green is not a big turn on for you, then you can find the same style in blue. What do you think?


Flower Motif Bracelet

Flower Motif Bracelet Price: $70.00 at twistonline.com
This bracelet is made of espresso waxed cord and has a golden brass butterfly centered in the middle of it. It is great for any jewelry collector. The butterfly measures 1 ¾ inches across. The bracelet has an adjustable pull closure that fastens.


Emitations Suzy's Love Knot Cuff Bracelet

Price: $50.00 at drugstore.com
If you like shiny things, then you are going to like this bracelet. It is definitely shiny. This bracelet has been put in cuff form. It has a hidden magnetic closure on it, so you do not see any fasteners. The loops are coated with rhinestone, which is where the shiny look comes from.


Three Stretch Bead Bracelets, Gray

Three Stretch Bead Bracelets, Gray Price: $58.00 at juicycouture.com
This is a set of three turquoise-hued resin bead bracelets. Each one of them comes with a logo icon charm along with a tassel. Each expands to a seven inch circumference and the tassel hands 1 3/8 inches.


Girls Jelly Bracelets

Girls Jelly Bracelets Price: $38.00 at neimanmarcus.com
I always liked the plain, colorful jelly bracelets. Now, they’re back and better than ever, because here they have enameled charms. I think the charms really add something to these bracelets. I absolutely adore the turtle charm. Which charm do you like?


Hello Kitty Bracelet

Hello Kitty Bracelet Price:; $188.00 at tarinatarantino.com
I know, what is the deal with the Hello Kitty bracelet coming in at first place, right? Well, I have this thing for Hello Kitty – I like it. I even have a Hello Kitty keyboard, so why not a Hello Kitty bracelet? It may be kind of childish, but I don’t think this bracelet is childish. It is a stretch cuff-style bracelet with a pink head bride cameo in the front. Hanging from the back of it, you will find a sparkling crystal drop charm.

I like all of the bracelets that I have listed on here. I do not step outside without a bracelet on. I think they brighten up any look. Out of all the bracelets I have mentioned on here, which ones do you like the most? Is number 1 a bit odd to you?

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These are some great choices...I love the butterfly one and the Pandora I love you bracelet!

#1 for me Love it!

love the jelly bracelet, and i can't believe that the one from nordstrom is so much! then again, it's nordstrom lol

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