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5 Cute Cropped Top Ideas...

By Meream

1 Cropped and Striped

We don't know who this girl with Michelle is but we are liking the outfit. I am getting images of a laid-back painter who goes to random poetry readings at night. Or do I just tend to romanticize everything?

2 Faux Cropped

If you are like me, you are probably wary to embrace this trend because of the whole non-fit abs situation. We can go faux cropped by tucking in an oversized shirt!

3 Kiddie Cropped

There is a way for you to test this trend before buying all cute cropped tees you see in stores. Raid your little brother or sister's closet! Make sure that he or she is okay with you turning their room into a runway, though.

4 Cropped Jacket

How delightfully divine is this gray jacket? E. sure looks really lovely in this outfit. I love how she kept almost everything monochromatic.

5 Crocheted Cropped

What could be more bohemian than a crocheted cropped top? If you want to express your inner Penny Lane, a crocheted cropped top and the right attitude will be everything you'll need.

Top Image: Alex Grant

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