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7 Cool Vintage Tees ...

By Jennifer

I love the look and feel of vintage tees, but they're so hard to find! That's why so many shops are selling tees that are new, but have the same soft feel and great design of vintage tees! If you're looking for an over-sized vintage-inspired tee to layer with leggings and a cropped military jacket, or one to wear with skinny jeans a trendy sneakers or boots, read on! I hunted out half a dozen great retro tees, and I'd love to share them! Here's my list of 7 cool vintage tees...

Table of contents:

  1. bonjour cat tee
  2. oversized pink floyd tee
  3. snail jams tee
  4. i love you my deer tee
  5. happy tv ladies tee
  6. les filles l'espace
  7. a london guard lost his hat and had to think fast

1 Bonjour Cat Tee

Price: $24.00 at
This slouchy, somewhat oversized tee features a pair of sleek black kitties, French kitties no less, ready to add style to your fall wardrobe. I'd wear this with a black or print vest and a pair of jeans, or by itself with another tee underneath for extra warmth.

2 Oversized Pink Floyd Tee

Price: $48.00 at
Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" is inarguably one of the best rock albums ever made, and if you agree, let everyone know by wearing this ultra-soft cotton tee. It's very over-sized, so it looks great with leggings and boots and a few punk bracelets, or under a boyfriend blazer.

3 Snail Jams Tee

Price: $24.00 at
This tee is so adorable, and would look so cute with a long-sleeved lime green tee under it (for winter). It features a little snail with headphones, obviously lost in his favorite song. I love the little retro-inspired mushrooms and the snail is so cute!

4 I Love You My Deer Tee

Price: $24.00 at
So cute, so clearly 1950's Bambi inspired! This tee is scoop neck, and made of super-soft 100% cotton, so you'll want to wear it all the time... it's also completely adorable, with two big-eyed fawns, one girl and one boy, flirting with each other. Oh, young love!

5 Happy TV Ladies Tee

Price: $25.00 at
Remember way back when there were some channels on your TV that weren't on all the time? When they were off, or when the emergency broadcast would sound, there would be this pattern of colors... enjoy it now on this adorable tee! I love the fitted shape and of course the smiling kawaii television set!

6 Les Filles L'Espace

Price: $18.00 at
So retro, so cool! What little girl didn't dream of being a super-sleek spy, or a super-sexy space traveler? I know I wanted to be both... just like the two girls on this vintage-inspired tee. I'd pair with my skinniest jeans and a black vest.

7 A London Guard Lost His Hat and Had to Think Fast

Price: $18.00 at
Okay, this definitely wins the prize for longest name of a tee shirt, but it's also a cool retro-inspired tee! It's very clever, with the poor black kitty trapped on the guard's head... we all know how infamously immobile those guards are, too!

With so many gorgeous, cool vintage tees, your fall wardrobe is set! I love the way these tees look under blazers and layered with leggings. Which of these vintage-inspired tees is your favorite? How would you wear it? Please let me know!

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