8 Perfect Pieces for a Preppy Look ...

Call me crazy, but I love the preppy look. There’s nothing at all preppy about me as a person, but I think my love for the style is a holdover of my high school days, when all the cool kids were resplendent in clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren, and spent all their hot Friday nights at The Gap or something. I may not love the whole stereotypically preppy attitude, but I just love the clothes and had to go looking for eight essential pieces to get the look.

1. Polo Shirts

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The polo shirt is essential. Apparently if it has an alligator, a horse, or some other animal appliqued anywhere on it, then it is definitely the real deal. Bold colors are now acceptable and classic white is a good color for prep appeal, but pastels and sorbet shades are great as well -- and anything pink is a plus. For boys or for girls, as a matter of fact.

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