10 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Prints ...

Vera Bradley is a brand known for its use of colorful fabric and patterns. They go all the way back to Spring 1985 where they brought the world of fashion creations that took inspiration from world art, history, fashion, and culture. Flowers, birds, leaves, and elements of nature are predominant in the fabric designs. There is also no shortage of fabric with geometric and more classic patterns. Over the decades, Vera Bradley has released many prints that have captured the hearts of people with different tastes and personalities. Here are some current prints that, to me, are gorgeous and standout.

1. Buttercup

I can’t help but love this print because of its warm colors. I also love how the flowers in this pattern seem hand cut and hand sewn. There is a vibe of free-spiritedness that comes off of this print that you can’t help but feel a bit less tense, a bit looser, and a bit freer.