10 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Prints ...


10 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Prints ...
10 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Prints ...

Vera Bradley is a brand known for its use of colorful fabric and patterns. They go all the way back to Spring 1985 where they brought the world of fashion creations that took inspiration from world art, history, fashion, and culture. Flowers, birds, leaves, and elements of nature are predominant in the fabric designs. There is also no shortage of fabric with geometric and more classic patterns. Over the decades, Vera Bradley has released many prints that have captured the hearts of people with different tastes and personalities. Here are some current prints that, to me, are gorgeous and standout.

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Buttercup I can’t help but love this print because of its warm colors. I also love how the flowers in this pattern seem hand cut and hand sewn. There is a vibe of free-spiritedness that comes off of this print that you can’t help but feel a bit less tense, a bit looser, and a bit freer.


Versailles The inspiration for the Versailles obviously comes from nature with its lovely flowers and leaves on graceful stems. As a whole, the print exudes boldness and strength while still being delicate and fashionable. There is so much to love about this print: rich colors, great textural quality, and overall luxury.


Barcelona This print uses a design that is classic and structured. This print actually has a striped border (not shown) which gives it a nice modern twist. The overall look is richly textured, pulled-together, and definitely eye catching.


Hello Dahlia! Just as inviting as the name sounds, this print is also dramatic and striking. There is such a beautiful use of color that you would be surprised that it didn’t turn out looking tacky or ugly. I love the artistic, almost hand painted quality, of the flowers in this print.


Night & Day This pattern falls under your basic black and white. However, I have to say that it is definitely not boring with its irregular flowers and leaves. It is so gorgeous in its simplicity.


Make Me Blush This is such a sweet and feminine print. The blooms really take on a delicate quality because of the soft colors used. The pop of burgundy and magenta gives the needed character to this print.


Poppy Fields Romance and whimsy are words that I think perfectly describe the Poppy Fields print. The choice of colors really helps draw you into the field of flowers. There is also such vibrancy in this print that you feel like you are in the middle of a flower explosion.


Sittin’ in a Tree I really love seeing the details of this print up close. There is wonderful harmony going on between elements used which are the Tree of Life, the little birds, and the blooms scattered around. If you like earthy colors and a design that scream eco-chic, then you will enjoy this print.


Hope Garden Another feel good print is the Hope Garden. The colors are so lovely and they spark such happy feelings in you. This print is also how Vera Bradley shows their support for breast cancer research, awareness, projects, and other services.


Raspberry Fizz Paisleys, swirls, and posies: those are the elements that make the Raspberry Fizz print. So does bright colors and an explosion of happiness. I love this print because it is just so delightful, so refreshing, and so exciting. You can’t look at this print and be sad.

It’s unmistakable; it’s undeniable; there is no question about it. The colors, patterns, and prints are so characteristic of this brand. Once you see a Vera Bradley, you know for sure it’s a Vera Bradley. This individuality and uniqueness of the brand is the reason I fell in love and thought of sharing some gorgeous prints with everyone. If you’ve noticed, I was drawn to more brightly colored, floral prints. How about you? Which Vera Bradley prints caught your eye?

Top Photo Credit: savonnee

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Don't forget Purple Punch! I am obsessed with Vera Bradley, and have items in Hello, Delilah, Poppy Fields, Purple Punch, and Totally Turquoise. :)

I love Vera Bradley! These are all great patterns. My all time favorite is imperial toile!

I think Pirouette is SO cute!!! I just ordered my first VB purse and I fell in love with that print right away! I'm super excited to get it!!

I loooooved the Nantucket red one

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