21 Top Dangerous Places to Go on Vacation ...


21 Top Dangerous Places to Go on Vacation ...
21 Top Dangerous Places to Go on Vacation ...

Planning a vacation is always exciting, but excitement may come in an unexpected and unwelcome form if you choose any of the dangerous places to go on vacation. Sadly, there are some amazing parts of the world with incredible attractions that should be off the tourist radar. Sometimes it is obvious because whatever is making these dangerous places to go on vacation is all over the news. On the other hand, the less well traveled places don't receive much publicity. You don't have to keep up with world affairs because US and UK governments publish travel warnings regularly and keep the site updated. There are also other locations in perceived safe countries or regions and regions accepted as high on the tourist agenda that have their own risks due too. If you're planning next year's travel, here's 21 dangerous places to go on vacation.

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Honduras Dangerous places to go on vacation don’t always have to be countries where insurgents are fighting, or a recent people’s revolution has happened. Honduras, while beautiful in nature and possessing many of the similar charms of its Central American neighbors, comes with some major crime problems as well as health issues. Diseases like Dengue Fever and malaria are commonplace here. There is a seriously high level of crime and according to trutv.com, Honduras also has one of the highest murder rates in any nation in the world.


Detroit, USA

Detroit, USA It’s hard to argue that Detroit isn’t one of the most dangerous places to go on vacation because for the 5th year running, in 2013, it tops the list of US cities with the highest crime rate as published by forbes.com. If you feel you can look beyond the problems and fancy a trip to Motor City, check out things to do in Detroit here allwomenstalk.com



Egypt Egypt is one of the countries with internal unrest that has been all over the news this past year. Sadly, even though much of the trouble is in the capital, it has affected travel countrywide, including to the Pyramids, and Egypt is currently one of the most dangerous places to go on vacation. The US Government issued a revised travel warning in November 2013 so it looks unlikely that Egypt should be at the top of your places to go in 2014.


Mount Everest

Mount Everest As the world’s highest mountain, man dreamed of conquering its peak for many, many years. Many attempts started and failed. That is until 1953 when New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgayall finally stood on its summit. Since then there have been hundreds of successful expeditions but anyone contemplating scaling its forbidding slopes should know that for every 100 expeditions there are 4.3 fatalities.



Iraq This is a country that is desperate to throw off its reputation as one of the dangerous places for travelers. More emphasis is being putting on the work of the tourist authorities and there are some exciting projects currently happening. There are hopes for the Southern Marshland between the Tigris and Euphrates to become a region for eco-tourism and there is restoration work planned for the world’s largest man-made brick arch – the Arch of Clesiphon. Both the US and UK advise against non-essential travel to Iraq but there are tour operators offering escorted package deals.



Ukraine Since the break up of the Soviet Union some of the independent states have done very well for themselves. Naturally there are teething troubles. One of the newest entrants to the list of dangerous places for a vacation is Ukraine. As of December 2013, the people are at odds with the Ukraine President and unrest is growing. The people want to forge greater alliance with the European Union but the President is in favor of stronger ties with Russia. This is a place to keep an eye because all that Eastern European passion may well boil over. Anti-government protests are never good news for tourists.



Afghanistan The stark and harsh beauty of Afghanistan remains out of reach of travelers for now. This stunningly beautiful country has pretty much been off the tourist map for most of my adult lifetime. First there was the Russian invasion and now there is the Taliban. The UK and US Governments warn against all travel to Afghanistan with very real threats of kidnap and insurgent activities. If however you have a hankering to see the Bamiyan Valley, the Wakhan Corridor and Kunduz, there are tour companies that will take you there.


North Korea

North Korea While technically not having the same risks as other dangerous places to go on vacation, North Korea is best avoided. While the hotels and scenery alone are enough to make you want to come to this fascinating country, there are huge restrictions. All travels have to (no exceptions) go in and out of China and then, any foreigners that are coming through North Korea are watched and monitored, especially for religious and political activity. There is absolutely no U.S. diplomatic presence, so make sure that you are careful if you do travel here.



India It really saddens me to Include India on this list but we can’t ignore the recent events that have made it more dangerous for women to travel here. There have been well publicized rape cases which while few in number are symptoms of the increasing rate of violence against women. Yes, it may well be that the incidence hasn’t increased, merely that more cases are being reported, but Human Rights Watch recognizes it is a relevant problem and there are reports that Indian tourism has taken a very big hit in 2013 – some report it as being reduced by more than 30%.



Mali Mali might be one of the lesser recognized names on this list, however it’s still worth mentioning as one of the dangerous places to go on vacation. Mali is a country located in West Africa and has numerous points of interest to tourists such as the Great Mosque of Djenne or the Festival au Desert which is an annual concert that celebrates music from around the world. Experts warn against visiting this country due to ongoing military conflicts and political instability. Rebels regularly carry out attacks and in recent times some of the amazing ancient treasures in Timbuktu have been destroyed.



Antarctica While you might think that this particular place is beautiful and breathtaking to visit, you are right -- but the weather is what can kill you here! The temperatures can drop below 60 degrees Celsius and the winds are super powerful here! Tour companies offer cruises here during the Antarctic summer but it’s certainly not a place you would venture to on your own devices.


Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar is one of the most incredible countries and tourism is on the increase and is being made easier too with the government supporting the development of tourist infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is ruled by one of the most ruthless military juntas that is extremely wary of foreign travelers. Routine medical care typically is inadequate and you aren’t able to bring anything back, as the U.S. Treasury bans all importing of Burmese gifts or souvenirs. Also, if you go here, no travelers checks, ATM cards or credit cards, cash only. The excellent news though, is that Myanmar is well on the way to losing its reputation as one of the dangerous places for a vacation and the US and UK Governments no longer warn travelers off going.



Somalia The latest Tom Hanks movie and various news items have highlighted the dangers of traveling to Somalia. The waters off the Somalian coast are certainly best avoided as piracy is rife. American and British travelers in Somalia have no backing or assistance available to them, as there are no diplomatic outposts or US or UK embassies in the country. Relief workers and journalists are attacked on a regular basis and there are food shortages across Somalia.


Ilha De Queimada Grande

Ilha De Queimada Grande This particular island is right off of Brazil, and also dubbed ‘Snake Island’. It is covered in snakes and I’m talking 1 - 5 per square meter. These aren’t just any snakes either, they have snakes that will bite you -- and whose poison will melt your skin off. If you do want to head here, there is also a ton of paperwork you have to fill out.



Syria Syria is one of those countries that is beautiful to look at, from the deserts all the way to the Roman ruins. However, for more than 30 years, the US has labeled Syria a state that sponsors terrorism. In the past 10 years, there have been a ton of car bombings, assassinations and even an attack on the U.S. Embassy! Syria is one of the countries currently all over the news with reports of chemical weapons being deployed and citizens fleeing as refugees. If you have a sense of travel and want to come here, be very, very careful.



Guatemala Although the country has an established tourism trade with lovely cities like Antigua and Panachajel, Guatemala is seen as one of the dangerous places for a vacation for women. The legal system here is inadequate in controlling the gang and drug-related crime and even more so with dealing with crimes against women. According to Human Rights Watch, from 2008-2011, rapes and sexual assaults increased by 34%, with only 1 in 10 resulting in a prosecution.


Danakil Desert, Eritrea

Danakil Desert, Eritrea The Danakil Depression was once described by National Geographic as the “cruelest place on Earth.” It’s a basin in the desert that lies 100 meters below sea level and contains numerous volcanoes and is known for its extreme heat. If that isn’t enough, it lies in the border lands of Eritrea and Ethiopia where there is much tension and military action. The US Government and UK Foreign Office advises against travel to any of Eritrea’s border areas and you also need a permit to travel outside of the Asmara, the country’s capital.



Georgia South Ossetia and Abkhazia are described in tourist literature as having an untouched landscape that is blessed by snow-capped mountains, green wooded valleys and abundant wildlife. It’s therefore a shame that tourists are advised to avoid this area for now. These two regions have made unilateral declarations of independence and there are threats of military action as well as terrorism. As of December 2013, non-essential travel to these areas of Georgia is not advised.



Nigeria You certainly know that somewhere belongs in the list of dangerous places for a vacation when a government declares areas to be in a State of Emergency. On 14 May 2013, the Nigerian Government declared a State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States. Military operations are now ongoing in the 3 States and curfews have been announced. Additionally, there is a threat of military action with Mali and a strong threat of terrorist activity. Both the US and UK Governments advise against travel to the three states under curfew but also list a whole slew of other states where travel is not the best decision you can make.


Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela Although many tourists enjoy fantastic travel experiences in Venezuela, it does have one of the highest homicide rates in the world. The Venezuelan Violence Observatory reports that in 2012 21,692 homicides were recorded – 73 per 100,000 people. In Caracas, the country’s capital, violent crime is even more pervasive and the homicide rate is 122 per 100,000. The US government updated its travel warning about Venezuela in November 2013, advising of potential threats to personal safety and kidnapping.


Central African Republic

Central African Republic One of the most recent travel warnings issued by the US Government is for the Central African Republic and this echoes an earlier warning from the UK Foreign Office. On 14th August 2013 the UK advised all British Nationals to leave CAR immediately; the US Government followed suit on November 14th. Neither the US or UK has an embassy in CAR nor is able to provide direct consular advice – so generally, this is not a place you should be sticking your pin into when deciding on a vacation destination next year.

The dangerous places for a vacation are on all continents and include new countries as well as long established ones you might have thought have no problems that travelers should be concerned about. The best advice is really simple – do your research before you go and check your government’s travel site for any travel warnings. Happy and safe traveling, ladies! Have you ever found yourself somewhere you’d rather not have been? Or caught up in strife? Please do tell.

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Amen to that...I agree with Mike

Somalia looks more dangerous..

Since when Venezuela is next to the USA? And honestly there is violence as there is everywhere else, but only in determinate places of caracas (even thou caracas has a lot of touristic places like El Avila) and other big cities, not on the touristic areas like the beaches and the mountains. Venezuela is a country with beaches, mountains, deserts and even snow! It's really beautiful and this should not be discouraging the people to visit. Besides the delinquency is not because of drugs, is because those places which have delinquency are really poor and the country is very expensive to live in

Dominincan Republic? i dont think so!

I don't believe you can go to North Korea on a US passport; at least it is very difficult. I agree, North Korea should have made the list - extreme poverty, totalitarian regime and extreme weather. I wonder how the diving is in Haiti?

The post about Pakistan was unjustified, no there haven't been conflicts since 47 it was actually a good peaceful tourist destination back then. The problems only started in the 80s when Pakistan made the biggest mistake of allying itself with the US against the soviet union. CIA used Pakistani soil to train talibans and never came back to clear them

Liam, I agree, more dangerous people in my country than in Australia. I'm from Mississippi and I know we southerners are told we are biased but the writer....whoa..I better stop and be more positive...how about the writer take another trip around the world and write about 20 great places. I would imagine some of these on the present list would make 20 great places to vacation.

Re-Taiwan - please visit first, google it, or study geography for your own knowledge sake. floods - have u heard of Spring flood in Mississippi ? Earthquake - where are u when Japan 2012 earthquake hit ? or the one in Haiti ? Typhoons - the Hurricane Katrina and Sandy on 2012 and 2013 ? compare to typical tropical typhoons that both Taiwan and Florida/Caribbean seen all the times. landslides - have u heard of mudslide in southern CA or philippines or Indonesia ? Shame on you ! except asking audience to sign on to gain headcount without provide useful/concrete info ! only Idiot will learn something here.

They just want Americans to stay put and never leave their country. Spend your Benjamins only in America and not elsewhere!

You Forgot the United States of America... Bronx, L.A. downtown are most dangerous than 95% countries of the list..

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