21 Top Dangerous Places to Go on Vacation ...

Planning a vacation is always exciting, but excitement may come in an unexpected and unwelcome form if you choose any of the dangerous places to go on vacation. Sadly, there are some amazing parts of the world with incredible attractions that should be off the tourist radar. Sometimes it is obvious because whatever is making these dangerous places to go on vacation is all over the news. On the other hand, the less well traveled places don't receive much publicity. You don't have to keep up with world affairs because US and UK governments publish travel warnings regularly and keep the site updated. There are also other locations in perceived safe countries or regions and regions accepted as high on the tourist agenda that have their own risks due too. If you're planning next year's travel, here's 21 dangerous places to go on vacation.

1. Honduras

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Dangerous places to go on vacation donโ€™t always have to be countries where insurgents are fighting, or a recent peopleโ€™s revolution has happened. Honduras, while beautiful in nature and possessing many of the similar charms of its Central American neighbors, comes with some major crime problems as well as health issues. Diseases like Dengue Fever and malaria are commonplace here. There is a seriously high level of crime and according to trutv.com, Honduras also has one of the highest murder rates in any nation in the world.

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