10 Amazing Luxury Boats to Dream of ...

Can you imagine spending $1 million dollars on a week’s holiday, or $35,000 on a luxurious hotel? Well, for most of us, if we came into riches we’d have many other ideas on how to spend that money, but for some people it’s the reality. Want to peek into how they live? Here are ten of the most amazing luxury boats on the water, and exactly how much they’d set you up...

1. Eclipse

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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s boat, Eclipse, really is amazing. It has two helipads, two swimming pools, a missile defence system, a mini submarine, and a system which shoots light at camera flashes meaning that no pictures will be usable. It’s massive, at 167m long, so there is plenty of room for sunbathing! Roman hasn’t picked his amazing boat up yet, but costing a reported $500 million, I’m sure he’ll be checking it out very soon. I’d love to go with him!

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