8 Cheap Countries to Move to ...


8 Cheap Countries to Move to ...
8 Cheap Countries to Move to ...

With the cost of living rising so high in many countries, it’s a worry for many of us how we’re going to live when we get old. I have a half-serious plan to save up as much money as I can, and then move to a very cheap country. So far I’m thinking of the following …

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Albania Photo Credit: Kushtrim (~ K 2 ~)

As the poorest country in Europe, Albania sounds like a good bet. Admittedly it might not be too popular with the locals if this starts a trend, and everyone moves in, buys up the property and price out the locals. However, if I get in early, I could be an Albanian property mogul while it’s still cheap …



Mexico Photo Credit: Vincent Lefebvre

I’ve always felt drawn to Mexico. It could be fun to get myself a harem of Mexican toyboys … and what’s not to love about the country that invented chocolate?



Cambodia Photo Credit: Souvik_Prometure

Apparently, you can live well in Cambodia for just £300 a month. Add the beautiful scenery, amazing architecture and fabulously cheap food … sounds good!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Photo Credit: Toh Gouttenoire

More beautiful scenery, plus if you like the active life there are so many outdoor activities. Very tempting for a Spanish speaker …



Bulgaria Photo Credit: Ivan S. Abrams

Now part of the EU, prices in Bulgaria are sure to rise. For now, though, it’s still a bargain compared to most other European countries. Housing is cheap, the food is good and the environment healthy, with lots of forests and national parks.


The Philippines

The Philippines Photo Credit: laz'andre

How about an apartment for $150 a month? The Philippines even offer a special visa for retirees, and you don’t need to be that old to apply, just have a certain amount of capital. Plus English is widely spoken.



Paraguay Photo Credit: Igor Alecsander

This is one of the cheapest countries to live in in the world. The capital, Asuncion, is ranked as one of the cheapest cities in South America. Sounds good!



Ecuador Photo Credit: avner_ofer

As a Spanish speaker, I do rather favour countries with that as their native language. There are plenty to choose from! Ecuador has lovely colonial towns, coast, mountains and the Amazon jungle … imagine being able to see all the wildlife …

Do you fancy packing up and moving somewhere cheap? Which countries do you favour? What advice would you give to someone considering a move?

Top Photo Credit: myrmardan - l'm back!

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Bear in mind that I'm talking from the perspective of someone from the UK (where prices are horrendous) and living in an expensive Spanish city.

I'm Bulgarian, it's not cheap at all. They ARE speaking about all the apartment prices going down because of the recession, but I don't think they've changed and they're pretty high if you ask me... Though I guess to tourists and people who don't want to permanently live here it could be interesting, as a local I don't like my country too much but eh, the grass IS always greener on the other side :)

I am from Costa Rica, and it isn't that cheap...

Costa Rica??? I dont think so. Panama is cheaper than CR.

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