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I recently attended my cousin's wedding **and the conversation quickly turned to her upcoming **honeymoon trip **to Europe. As can be expected, she was absolutely thrilled about getting to visit Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and other countries in Europe. After our conversation, I got to thinking: where have other people gone on their **honeymoons? And, how was their experience. Here is what I found out.

1. Kauai, Hawaii

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I learned that the Big Island of Hawaii is not all that the Hawaiian islands have to offer. In fact, the the mysterious island of Kauai - which is a great place for long walks in the grotto - is one great honeymoon destination.

It was quite lovely. We are returning, Summer 2009. We had such a great time!
- Lynette Farris, 33

2. Lake Tahoe, on the Boarder of California and Nevada

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Another great honeymoon destination is Lake Tahoe. With the shopping, the golf courses, and all the scenery available, it was enough to convince one honeymooner to purchase a timeshare there.

Robert and I had so much fun. He golfed and I shopped! When the sun went down, we were in the casino until the sun came up! We had such a great time!
- Kimberly Johnson, 28

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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The pristine beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are always a popular honeymoon destination. According to one honeymooner, flying to Cabo and returning home on a cruise ship is a great way to have an unforgettable honeymoon.

We got a great deal and had a wonderful time there. Frank and I strolled on the beach at sunrise, ate lunch at a sidewalk cafΓ©, went back to our bungalow and napped. When we woke up later that evening, it was time for supper, which was eaten on the beach out of a picnic basket. We stayed there until very late, around 10 P.M., and no one bothered us. It was heavenly.
- Margo Capshaw, 52
(Take note that this was not the first marriage for either one of them and they were in their "older years" when they went on this amazing honeymoon!)

4. Maui, Hawaii

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More than one honeymooner **I talked to chose to visit Hawaii, but this couple chose to visit **Maui. Since they are both environmentalists, they felt a trip to Maui was a great eco-friendly destination for them to celebrate their nuptials. Here, they hiked teh winding road of Hana while taking in the sights and sounds of nature. They even set up camp and slept beneath the stars - how romantic!

My new wife and I had a marvelous time on the island of Maui. We hiked for days, slept beneath the stars …I’m not even sure it was legal to do it because they were not legal campgrounds. Nonetheless, it was a great time and in about a year or two, we are planning a family hiking trip back to the island. We can’t go back next year because Terri is expecting. I sure hope she will be OK hiking with a baby strapped to her back!
- Thomas Foxmoore, 35.

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I decided to expand my search to honeymoon **blogs and, boy, did I really find some great advice and destinations. One blogger spent her honeymoon in **Japan.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves there man.. the itinerary wasn't packed, and it didn't really tire us out.. it was fun... n the weather there was cooling.. initially, it was supposed to be hot weather, but as we know, weather nowadays really unpredictable... it was cooling...
Princess May

6. A Pacific Coast Road Trip

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One blogger didn't choose just one specific destination. Rather, she took a romantic and unforgettable road trip along the Pacific Coast, stopping off wherever her heart desired.

Heck, my honeymoon was a road trip along the Pacific Northwest coast. I’m also really not a packaged vacation personality. Resorts? Cruises? Disney World? All make me feel claustrophobic.
Bring the Family blog by Toni

7. Belize

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One couple found many unexpected surprises while honeymooning **in **Belize, including a great tour of the ancient ruin city of Takil. If you are a Star Wars fan, you might also want to visit here. The blogger claims a scene from the movie was shot here.

One of the cool things about our guide was that he knew where to find the wildlife. We saw monkeys and a bazillion birds. We also got to get β€˜up close and personal’ with a tarantula.
It's all come down to this blog

8. Barcelona

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This blogger offered some great photos of her trip to Barcelona. From the city life to the fruit stands, you can see much of what the city had to offer to this couple that ran away to a romantic wedding in Spain.

we were so tired. we fall asleep in one another arms. my honeymoon in barcelona. with my boy. my love story in barcelona.
Xinya's Kingd0m blog

9. South of France

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Another blogger reflects back on her honeymoon in the South of France as she talks about a new series of designs by Zoe.

I immediately thought of Provence...the colors there, a painter we saw and loved on our travels... the ocean, because in my memory, the sun sets in glorious colors like this.
Creature Comforts blog

10. Branson, MO

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Even someplace as seemingly common as Branson, Missouri can make for a great honeymoon destination. One blogger shared this tip about her experiences there.

Seek out the restaurants that appear to be a hole in the wall. The ones the locals go to on a daily basis. Chain restaurants are boring and predictable. Not to mention not usually very good. We experienced some great Italian dining at a place called Rocky's.
Leave it to Weaver blog

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