First Hand Accounts of Great Honeymoon Destinations ...

I recently attended my cousin's wedding **and the conversation quickly turned to her upcoming **honeymoon trip **to Europe. As can be expected, she was absolutely thrilled about getting to visit Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and other countries in Europe. After our conversation, I got to thinking: where have other people gone on their **honeymoons? And, how was their experience. Here is what I found out.

1. Kauai, Hawaii

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I learned that the Big Island of Hawaii is not all that the Hawaiian islands have to offer. In fact, the the mysterious island of Kauai - which is a great place for long walks in the grotto - is one great honeymoon destination.

It was quite lovely. We are returning, Summer 2009. We had such a great time!
- Lynette Farris, 33

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