9 Foods to Make You Happy


9 Foods to Make You Happy

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s all too easy to grab a burger on the go, or scoff a handful of chips as a mid-morning breakfast. Studies have shown that eating erratically like this not only damages your health and encourages your metabolism to slow down, but it can adversely affect your mental well-being as well! Basically, bad food makes you feel bad, but luckily, the opposite is also true. Here are nine tasty treats to put a smile on your face …

1 Bananas

Not only are bananas rich in healthy carbs to kick that depressing energy slump, they also contain a protein called tryptophan which your body converts into serotonin – aka the happy hormone!

2 Blueberries

Blueberries are super refreshing and delicious, and guess what girls, they’re packed full of nutrients to nip bad feelings in the bud. A fantastic source of vitamin C, blueberries naturally relieve stress and anxiety so make sure you pop a few in you’re packed lunch on hectic days at work.

3 Spinach

This tasty leafy vegetable has got such a bad rep but spinach can be just delicious. Try it in quiches along with ricotta cheese, or with feta in a tasty vegetarian lasagna – yum! As well as being great to eat, spinach is chock-a-block with folic acid and B vitamins, and like bananas, helps the body make smiley serotonin!

4 Nuts

Nuts are super-rich in selenium which is good for skin and nails, and also helps to boost your mood. Studies have shown that omega-3 found in nuts increases blood flow to the brain so they actually help us to think as well!

5 Oranges

When our Vitamin C levels are low, we can’t produce noradrenaline which helps to keep us feeling good throughout the day. Experts agree that two glasses of orange juice is enough to encourage the body to make this hormone which then fights feelings of irritability and depression.

6 Shellfish

Not only are shellfish something of delicacy, they are also high in Vitamin B12, a nutrient actually used in treatments for depression. A few helpings of seafood like these every week will, over time, help to boost your mood.

7 Salmon

Smoked or seared, salmon is a simply delicious fish and one which promotes mental well being as well. Like nuts, salmon is rich in fatty omega-3 so it helps to jack up brain activity. As if this wasn’t reason enough to order a plateful right now, salmon is also low-fat and uber healthy, which means fans of this fish won’t be depressed by unwanted weight gain!

8 Skim Milk

Dairy is kind of frowned upon in this era of the no-fat diet, but milk plays an important role in making up a balanced eating regime. It is full of nutrients that promote serotonin production and is packed with Vitamins D and B 12 to fight both aging and anxiety.

9 Chocolate!

Yes girls, that’s right, chocolate does make us happy. Studies have shown that anadamine, a chemical which occurs naturally in chocolate, promotes happy brain activity which makes us feel soothed and cheerful. I don’t know about you ladies but I’ve known it all along!

What do you think girls? Do foods make us smile? What are your tips to eat yourself happy? Let us know; we’d just love to hear from you …