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10 Video Games for Girls ...

By Melanie

Many of you on this blog probably think that this blog is out of place, because you do not like games. However, I am a girl and I love games! I know that there are many other girls out there that like games too! Some of them are lurking on this blog from day to day, searching for something for them. Below, I am going to base my blog titled “10 video games for girls” on the type of games I like. This means that they are not exactly the so called “girly” type games, if that even exists, because I don’t think games are rated for just males.

10 Sims Pets on Gamecube

Sims Pets on GamecubePhoto Credit: zuzana.baranova

Who here does not love the ever so popular Sims? Well now, they have pets! I like Sims Pets on Gamecube. My husband actually got this game for me on my Birthday when it first came out. My daughter also likes playing it.

9 Zelda the Twilight Princess on Gamecube

Zelda the Twilight Princess on GamecubePhoto Credit: Mariokapapo

I am a big fan of the Zelda series, ever since it was introduced on the Nintendo. I loved playing my way through each labyrinth until I got to the main boss and then I’d start all over again! Zelda the Twilight Princess is a bit different than that, because you can ride horses and you can even turn into a wolf!

8 Halo 3

Halo 3Photo Credit: Laser Bread

I can never turn down a game of Halo 3 on Xbox live! My daughter is the same way. There’s just something about going through this game and kicking some butt!

7 Super Mario on SNES

I know, this is an old one, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with old school! Super Mario on SNES is one of my favorite games! To this day, I still play it over and over again! I love the introduction of Yoshi!

6 Need for Speed Carbon Xbox 360

Need for Speed Carbon Xbox 360Photo Credit: Matt Brett

Since I like cars and I love the aspects of customizing them, then Need for Speed Carbon on the Xbox 360 would definitely fit in to my favorite video game list. Who can pass up racing the streets and getting 1st place?

5 Dungeons & Dragons®: Heroes on Xbox

Dungeons & Dragons®: Heroes on XboxPhoto Credit: YAGRS

This is a fun game! The first time I played Dungeons & Dragons was with my husband and we loved it! We absolutely could not put the controller down…but we had to.

4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityPhoto Credit: PetersReviewsDotCom

I know, what you do in this game would be illegal in real life and this game has some pretty bad parental ratings, but hey, I pretty much know the difference between the game world and the real world!

3 Sims 2 on Gamecube

Sims 2 on GamecubePhoto Credit: CLF

I first played this game with my husband. Yes, I said husband. I know, sounds strange, right? This game normally is not two-player. It was really fun to control characters and do everyday things. Hey…I liked blogging on the computer!

2 Silent Hill: Homecoming on Xbox 360

Silent Hill: Homecoming on Xbox 360Photo Credit: Alan Rappa

I like Silent Hill and the movie really sucked me in…that and the husband being a long-time Silent Hill fan. I love the scary aspects of the game.

1 World of Warcraft

World of WarcraftPhoto Credit: Ming - chun

Okay, the identity has been revealed. It is time for me to finally admit that I am a WoW fan. I love roaming through the lands and leveling up my character. I also love selling stuff on the auction house and making gold! Remember folks, it’s NOT an addiction, it is, however, an obsession.

So, now you see what I like. I would also like to add all of the Resident Evil series on here, but as you see, I ran out of room! Stay tuned, because I plan on posting more gaming blogs on here! So, what games do you like?

Top Photo Credit: peteer01

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