Top 7 Industries for Women ...


Top 7 Industries for Women ...
Top 7 Industries for Women ...

More and more women make their way into the workforce. What was once considered to be a ‘man’s world’ has now become a place where women can make their occupational dreams come true. I’ve posted a list below of the top 7 industries for women. Next to each industry I’ve made a note of the approximate percentage of women working in each one.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – over 45 Percent

The percentage of women in this field is lower than many others, but the annual earnings are nearly $45,000. This type of industry includes jobs involving actual manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, sales, management, clerical positions, information technology, being a consultant for business interested in buying or selling pharmaceuticals, and distribution of products.


Advertising – over 50 Percent

Jobs that fall into this category include; sales, management, customer service, marketing, business development, retail, finance, and consulting. Women in advertising make an average of $38,000.


Accommodations – over 55 Percent

Even though the percentage of women in this field is well over half, the annual income is very low. The average is only slightly over $18,000. Jobs under this category include anything to do with hotel hospitality, motel management, or customer service within any type of business involving accommodations.


Insurance – over 60 Percent

Selling insurance seems to be a popular occupation for women to get into. Overall in the insurance industry, the yearly average is a little more than $38,000. There are plenty of insurance companies looking for new employees all the time. Everyone will always be in need of some form of insurance, so this is a pretty safe industry to get involved with.


Advocacy – over 65 Percent

Jobs that fall under this industry heading are generally non-profit organizations, such as companies seeking aid for medical research, after-school or educational programs, and various religious organizations. Women seem to be very good at motivating people to help with funding for non-profit organizations, which is probably why the percentage of women in this field is so high. Some people lump in grant writing under this industry heading as well. The average amount most women make working jobs involving advocacy is around $28,000.


Social Services – over 70 Percent

The average amount a woman can make in this industry is around $22,000. There are non-profit organizations that rely on social workers to help out people dealing with substance abuse. Other employment positions within this industry include medical social work, helping children and youth, working in the area of mental health, and counseling individuals caught in the middle of domestic violence.


Day Care – over 95 Percent

Women are often thought of as care givers, which is why it should be no surprise that 95 percent of the people working in this industry are female. I’m surprised to see that the average income for a woman working in child day care services is only 18,000 per year. However, despite the low income, this industry is constantly growing and more women continue to seek employment in this area.

If you are a woman trying to figure out what type of industry you should think about going into, the list above has a great selection that women seem to do very well in. The top 7 industries for women I listed above of course aren’t the only ones you will excel in. There are plenty of others too. You can do anything you put your mind to! What type of career are you currently in or seeking?

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