7 Tips for Being a Safe Driver ...


7 Tips for Being a Safe Driver ...
7 Tips for Being a Safe Driver ...

There are so many accidents out there that could have been prevented – if the person who caused it would have been a bit more safe. There are so many lives out there that could have been saved, if only the person was paying attention. I am going to give you 7 tips on being a safe driver on the road. Of course, I am not going to include “do not drinkand drive” in this, because you people should already know this! Drinking and driving will get you nowhere. So, let me start with the 7 tips…

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Everyone else on the Road is Terminally Crazy

Everyone else on the Road is Terminally Crazy Photo Credit: Euro style

Hey, doesn’t this sound funny? Well, in all actuality, you never really know! They could do anything at any given moment and you always have to watch them. You have to be aware of your surroundings. Everyone else on the road cannot be trusted. They can cut in front of you at any given moment without a blinker and they could stop in the middle of nowhere.


Don’t Tail the Person in Front of You

Don’t Tail the Person in Front of You Photo Credit: vfrjeremy

I like to stay far away from the person in front of me. As a rule, you should stay a braking distance fromthe car in front of you. This is to avoid slamming into them at a sudden stop. You never know if they are going to have to stop because of an animal running out or someone in front of them.


Always Use Your Blinker

Always Use Your Blinker Photo Credit: ChrisTek

I see people not using their blinker all the time and it gets frustrating, especially when they cut in front of you with no blinker in. You’re driving down the road and BAM! they just swerve over into your lane as if they own the road. You’re driving down the road and out of nowhere, the car in front of you slows down and stops to turn. It would help if they had a blinker on to warn you. Seriously, start using your blinker.


Know the Rules

Sometimes, I think people got their drivers license out of the cracker jack box. Seriously. You should know the rules of driving before you get behind the wheel. After all, you did pass your driver’s test, right?


Don’t Drive Fast Because You Are Late

Yeah, you’re in a hurry to get to work. You’re late. Your boss is going to be mad. They’re going to cancel your appointment. You cannot afford to be late. Well, it’s better to be late than to never make it. So many crashes are caused by people who are in a hurry. You are putting someone’s life at risk when you drive recklessly. There are kidsin the car next to you, remember that.


Don’t Look down

Don’t Look down Photo Credit: mattmcp

Even if you are looking down for a brief second, a lot could happen in that second. If there’s a car in front of you, that car could stop without you even realizing it or have time pushing the brake. So, remember, concentrate on what you are doing. People’s lives are in your hands.


Do Not Text

Don’t text and drive! I remember how they’re trying to come out with a lawin Florida where you cannot text and drive. Personally, I thought it was already a law! You know, because it states that you cannot be distracted and drive. Well, isn’t texting distracting? So, really, it’s already a law! I have been seeing a lot of accidents caused by people who are texting! Save the conversation for some other time.

There you have 7 Tips for Being a Safe Driver. Of course, I did not cover everything I wanted to say and there are many other tips you need to have, but for now, there are 7 of them. So, do you have any “stupid driver” stories you would like to tell?

Top Photo Credit: AndWhyNot

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I wish the guy that hit me head on last week saw this post. Apparently he dropped a cigarette and looked down to pick it up, crossed the double yellow and totalled my VW love bug. He never even hit his breaks ;( The good news is we weren't badly injured, just some bumps and bruises. Living in the city is especially dangerous and people in Boston believe it's a sign of weakness to use directionals. It's so scary out there. Be safe.

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