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9 Tips for a Safe Outdoors Run ...

By Denise

Running is the second most natural movement that our body executes. It is a safe form of recreation and exercise that is why a lot of people are drawn to it. However, there are problems and dangers that you can encounter during a run. It is best to anticipate these dangers and prepare for them. Here are 9 tips for a safe outdoors run.

1 Inform a Friend or Family Member

Inform a Friend or Family MemberPhoto Credit: CGK Photography

Before leaving for your run, make sure that you tell someone close to you about your route and your estimated time of return. Tell them that you are bringing your mobile phone so you can contact each other.

2 Bring Your Mobile Phone

If you can, bring your mobile phone with you on the run. This gives you a way to communicate with your friends, family, or the police in case of emergencies.

3 Carry Identification

Carry IdentificationPhoto Credit: placid casual

It is important to have some form of identification with you during the run. Your identification can come in the form of a traditional ID, or something more modern like a RoadID.

4 Pick a Safe Route

Pick a Safe RoutePhoto Credit: EIUsteepler

Whether you run during the day or at night, pick a route that is safe and familiar. As much as possible, choose a route that passes through well-populated areas. Your route should also have sidewalks and paths for pedestrians. Make sure that you are familiar with where you are running.

5 Stay Visible

Stay VisiblePhoto Credit: Kyle and his Nikon

It is vital for you to stay visible especially when you are running at night. You should pick routes that are well-lit. You should also wear light colored clothing on your night run. Other accessories that can increase your visibility are reflectors and blinkers.

6 Run against Traffic

Run against TrafficPhoto Credit: Boston Pozivivor

You should run against traffic in order to see any incoming vehicles including bicycles. Running against traffic will lessen the chances of a close encounter with vehicles.

7 Pay Attention

Pay AttentionPhoto Credit: Fernanda Fronza

During a run, it is important that you pay attention to your surroundings. This includes the path you are running on. Make sure that there are no injury-causing obstacles in your way. You should also keep your eyes on the road and watch out for other runners, cars, or cyclists.

8 Limit Distractions

Limit DistractionsPhoto Credit: The Vigilante Photographer

Even if you want to, try not to listen to music while running outdoors. Music will prevent you from hearing the sounds in the environment. This can lead to accidents.

9 Trust Your Instincts

You can tell when something doesn't feel right. Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to your own safety. Don't run in places that seem risky. Likewise, don't run with people who make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

The rules and guidelines of running safety are not hard to be familiar with. In fact, they are mostly common sense. Don’t take chances during your road run. Prepare yourself for the dangers that might arise. Be safe and enjoy your run.

Top Photo Credit: richard.heeks

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