7 Things to Remember when on the Job ...


7 Things to Remember when on the Job ...
7 Things to Remember when on the Job ...

Today's average office seems to have workers that have forgotten what their job is all about. It seems some people need a little reminder about what working a job is, wouldn't you agree? Here are 7 things to remember when on the job.

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Leave the Beautifying Home

The office is no place for painting nails or plucking eyebrows! Yuck! You may as well just pull off your shoes, throw your feet on the desk and clip your toenails! Save that kind of stuff for your bathroom!


Save the Gossip

It's probably best to save all personal phone chats for when you're off duty, but if you must chat while at work, at least save the gossip for later. Believe it or not, most of the co-workers in your office don't really want to hear about the ugly details of Sally's affair, or Joe's prostate surgery!


Be Professional - No Matter What

I was in an un-named location the other day, and watched as one employee was slightly reprimanded. It wasn't a big deal, the manager just didn't want something to be mistaken again, and brought it to the attention of the person responsible. Rather than acting professional and accepting the reprimand as it was meant, they chose to make a scene, and let's just say, it didn't end well. Even when you feel you're not in the wrong, take it gracefully. If you feel you must say something, ask to do it in the privacy of the office. On the flip side, being professional goes beyond acceptiong reprimands, it can also mean how you dress, and how you act. Dress like you want the CEO's job - act as if the President is in the office. When you get a promotion, you'll thank me!


Watch Your Health

Office jobs lead to lots of sitting, and lots of sitting leads to gaining weight. Keep an eye on what you eat, and how active you are. When an opportunity comes up to be able to stand or walk, take it! Instead of sending papers by the delivery personel, choose to deliver them yourself - via the stairs! Stand while you're sorting papers and filing. Do some jumping jacks in between client's appointments. Your health is important - even more so than your job!


Be Courteous

Who cares if someone cut line for the bathroom... that is, unless you're about to wet your pants! Allow others to go before you. Offer to help the mail boy with your floors deliveries. Have what your boss needs before he even asks for it. You'll quickly become the friend of the office, which will play to your favor! Trust me!


Be Aware

Are you aware of your surroundings? Do you notice when something is different or if someone new is around? This is a needing ability that can save lives, or at the very least keep you from losing your keys or that important file your boss needs at 3!



Yes, that's right, that's what a job is for. The new generation coming into the working field seems to have missed that fine point. Teenagers (though not all of them) have entered the working world thinking that a job is there for them to be handed money for standing around. I think it's a wise parent that teaches their young children the values of working, don't you?

I had a completely different idea for this article when I submitted the idea, but this is somehow what I ended up with! LOL! Hope you enjoyed!

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