7 Awesome Jobs to Have before Landing a Career ...

It seems like all the fun, responsibility free jobs aren’t really the types that lead to careers. This means that if you’d like a taste of fun jobs before landing your career you’d better do it while you’re young. Here are seven jobs to work at before you’re ready for the real thing.

7. Cruise Ship Tender or Waitress

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Think about it, you get to travel all over the world from port to port and all you have to do is serve drinks to people on a boat. Between shifts you get to lounge around on the top deck of the ship or explore parts of far away islands. What doesn’t sound bad about this?

6. Vacation Consultant

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A consultant may not sound exciting, but the benefits are awesome. Why, how can you recommend a trip you have never taken? The trips must be proved before you guarantee the fun, so when are you taking your first exploration?

5. Adventure Tour Guide

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This would be so great. Strap a bunch of clueless into a jeep and drive them around through some of the most beautiful places in the world. No need to get your facts right either. Make up new stories about the locations each time and I’ll bet no one is all the wiser.

4. Ranch Hand

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Move out west to a ranch and work for a summer. You’ll learn to handle horse, wear Wranglers, and girls love cowboys. That’s just a fact. Once you return home you’ll seem like that weathered old rider from City Slickers to all the girls in your hometown.

3. Extra in a Movie

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Go to Hollywood and get a job in the pictures. Sitting in the background is just as cool to all of those hometown girls. Plus who knows? Maybe you’ll make friends with one of the stars and end up with one of those random crazy once in a lifetime night on the town kind of stories.

2. Reality Show Contestant

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Make those tapes and send them in. Being on a reality show could put in some crazy and amazing situation all over the world. Be careful though, because it could always land you in a house full of crazy people. It’s risky, but if it pays of it’ll pay off big.

1. Member of a Celebrity Entourage

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Number three could be great idea for getting your foot in the door on this one, but no matter how you manage to bag this one, it will be AMAZING. You would get rub elbows with all sorts of celebrities, you would gain entry to high ticket gala events, you would get to jet set around the world, and the best part is your celeb buddy would probably hook you up with some six-digit cake job and just call you his “schedule coordinator” or something else generic like that. Schwing!

Have any of you had any amazing pre-career jobs that you would like to share?

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