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8 Things It's Okay to do ...

By Melanie

I know, I know, you did something and you think it was wrong, but believe me, there are some things that it is okay for you to do – it's not a sin to do some things. I can actually think of hundreds of things that it is okay to do. In fact, I know that I recently wrote a blog just like this and I am not going to include the same things in here. I am going to give you some completely different things that it is okay to do – prepare yourself for 8 things it's okay to do …

8 It's Okay to Have Songs from the 80's and below on Your Ipod

Oh yes, I have songs on my iPod that come to me from the 1980's and I was born in 1985. However, if you were born in the 90's, you may be ashamed when you listen to the 80's music. However, it's perfectly fine! The 80's was a great musical era! If you listen to anything below the 80's, that is fine too. Don't be ashamed to show the songs off. People who are really into music don't care about the latest and greatest or whatever. They appreciate all types of music.

7 It's Okay to Google Your Dates

Seriously, when you have a date, if you open up Google search engine and type in their full name, it is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with you, because a lot of people do it. Then again, it's okay to NOT Google your dates. It's all okay!


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6 It's Okay to Splurge on Something You Want

Do you want something that you really don't need, but you really like? It's okay to buy it if you can afford it – it's not going to kill you.

5 It's Okay to Order a Big Juicy Steak

Okay, so you're sitting in this nice restaurant with a guy and you think it'd be too manly if you were to order a big juicy steak. Think again, that man will be impressed over you ordering some "man" food!

4 It's Okay to Lay in Bed on a Sunny Day

Yes, it is perfectly fine to do that. Do you see how great those curtains look with the sun coming through them? It's okay to lay there in bed from time to time.

3 It's Okay to Eat the Whole Roll of Cookie Dough

It's okay … you like that cookie dough, so treat yourself to it. Personally, I wouldn't, but I know many who love it.

2 It's Okay to Hang out with Your Mom and Dad

Come on, I even like doing this – my parents are very down to earth and upgraded on the latest technology. It's fun and I know your parents will appreciate it too.

1 It's Okay to Wait until You Get Home to Text

It's not okay to text and drive. You can wait until you get home to text.

There you have 8 things it's okay to do. Seriously, it's okay! Don't worry about what others think or say about it! If you like it, then be yourself and do it – as long as it is not against the law. So, what else is it okay to do?

Top Photo Credit: Andrew Mallis

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