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7 Things NEVER to Post on Facebook ...

By Jennifer

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. I love being able to stay in touch with friends and family, nearby and far away, and being able to share what’s going on in my life with them. But there are a lot of things I see on Facebook that shock me, and I’m not talking about the videos of kittens skateboarding. There are so many things people post that they just shouldn’t — they risk losing their jobs, their friends… not sure what I mean? Here are 7 things to NEVER post on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter).

1 Nude Photos

This is such a bad idea, for so many reasons. Never, ever post a nude photo of yourself (or anyone else) on your Facebook page. Imagine if your mother decides she wants to start using Facebook, and adds you… or what if she accidentally logs in as you? Eek!

2 Drunken Photos

This one is almost certain to cost you a job! If a current or potential employer checks your Facebook to see what you’re like in real life, and sees endless photos of you pole dancing with the girls on a Saturday night holding a bottle of Grey Goose, they might think twice about hiring you, or keeping you on the books… especially if they have an image to uphold.

3 Hate Messages

First of all, don’t be hateful. Second of all, even if you are, do you really want the world to hear your hateful, spiteful tirade? Again, this will only make you appear in a bad light, no matter how in-the-right you are about your ex or that guy at the coffee shop every morning.

4 Drunken Messages

Just like you won’t want to post photos of you partying your butt off, it’s also a bad idea to post status updates about your plans for partying every single weekend. Besides losing or not getting a job, does your family really need to hear all that? Or a stalker or potential burglar? No. Keep your plans on the down-low.

5 Break-ups

What a wretchedly cowardly way to break up with someone, changing your relationship status on Facebook. Really? No-one deserves that. Don’t dump someone on Facebook.

6 Work Drama

Again, this will only make you look bad to your current or a potential employer, if you’re always complaining about work or are sharing too much information about your workplace drama. I don’t care how annoying Becky in Editing is, or what a jerk your boss or client was today, leave it at work, and don’t share it on Facebook.

7 Family Drama

This is another really, really bad idea. Sharing too much information about step-children or siblings or your parents is almost certain to cause you pain or embarrassment (or both) not long after you post it. Never post anything about anyone you wouldn’t want to say to their face. It’s just a good policy.

If you’ve used Facebook, then I’m sure you’ve seen some of this too, and thought it was a bad idea. These are just good rules to keep I mind before posting anything that might get you into trouble at work or at home, or just cause you embarrassment. Have you ever done any of these, and had it bite you in the butt? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: Franco Bouly

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