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7 Times when PDA is Not Okay ...

By Lyndsie

Public displays of affection. PDAs. Love them or hate them, pretty much everyone has an opinion of them. And whether you love them or want them banned forever, you just have to admit that there is a time to indulge in PDA … and at least 7 times when PDA is not okay.

1 Kid's Movies

No one needs to turn a G or PG rated movie into a hardcore R rated flick. Toy Story 3 was never meant to be a love story like that. I have to wonder about anyone who decides it's cool to make out in the theatre while they're watching Tangled or something anyway. I mean, that's just weird. Some movies are just not conducive to romance.

2 Restaurants

I actually typically don't really care where I see people kissing, but there are exceptions. New Year's Eve, the Better Half and I were out at one of Salem's superb surf 'n turf restaurants, right? And seated right behind this is this couple, in their late 30s, early 40s, something like that, not eating the delicious gourmet menu prepared for the evening, oh no! They were eating one another's faces. As we left, they cheerfully wished us a happy holiday. The gentleman was waving and had a big smile on his face – along with half of his date's lipstick, smeared all over his mouth. Do not make out in restaurants. Not even Burger King.

3 At School

PDA can actually get you in trouble at school. I once got in trouble for simply resting my arms on my boyfriend's shoulders. Even if you're in college, it's just bad form to make out on campus or in the quad. Take it back to the dorm rooms – and if you're younger than that, do it off school grounds!

4 The Park

Do you know who goes to parks? People who like PDA, apparently. But do you know who else goes to parks? Kids! Don't ever do PDA where kids are going to be. They don't need to learn the birds and the bees like that, and parents may not want to explain to them why that nice boy seems to be suckling on that nice girl's lip like it's a lollipop.

5 Public Pool

Again, there are kids at the pool. All manner of kids hang out and go swimming and play. Their parents do to. None of them want to see how much you and your partner love each other, so don't get really into going crazy with each other.

6 Bar

Bars are for grownups, that's true. So why is it bad to indulge in PDA at a bar? Because grownups don't like to see that mess either. You don't want to be THAT couple. You know, the couple who gets sloppy drunk and then starts groping each other at the bar or the table. Leave that to Tucker Max; you are better than that, I promise.

7 Ballet/Theatre

This is just … no. I mean, going to the ballet or seeing a play, that's an event, you know? If you get so bored you feel the need to lap it up with your date, politely excuse yourself and take it elsewhere. There's already one show going on; people don't need to see the free show going on in the back.

Like say, PDA doesn't always bother me, but there are times when it grates on my last nerve. I don't indulge in it either because, well, I have a house and a car and a bedroom and things. I can have my PDA privately. How do you feel about the whole PDA issue?

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