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8 Job Interview No-Nos ...

By Alison

In this time of economic crisis, there is fierce competition for job vacancies. More and more people are losing their jobs, and chasing fewer and fewer openings. So more than ever it is important to make a good impression if you’re lucky enough to get an interview. But it’s just as important to remember things you shouldn’t do …

1 Dress Inappropriately

Check every detail of your appearance before you leave for the interview. Make sure your hair and makeup is tidy. And dress for the occasion. Unless you’re going for a job as a lapdancer, do NOT show any cleavage.

2 Leave Your Cell on

It’s wise to carry your phone, in case of transport delays or difficulties finding the location. However, make absolutely sure to switch it off. The interviewer will definitely not be amused at your ringtone, and may even mentally dismiss you outright.


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3 Being Too Familiar

This person is interviewing you for a job. They may even be your future boss. They most certainly are not your friend. So don’t be over familiar with them, and definitely don’t make jokes.

4 Falsifying Information

Otherwise known as lying. I’m sure we’ve all been a bit creative with our CVs. But be careful about the claims you make, as anything you cannot substantiate will soon be spotted. Interviewers are skilled at identifying exaggerations and outright lies.

5 Eat or Drink

Even if you are offered refreshments, politely decline. Interviews are nervous situations, and you don’t want to spill coffee down your shirt (which is bound to happen). At most, accept a glass of water if you think you might get a dry throat.

6 Badmouth Your Boss

Be very, very diplomatic about your previous or current boss. Even if they were the employer from hell, criticising them in front of a potential employer could make you appear difficult, and incapable of taking direction.

7 Be Late

Okay, there are occasions where the train breaks down, or an accident blocks traffic. So make sure that you have allowed enough time for contingencies. It’s better to be early than late, and you can always spend some time in a nearby coffee shop (just don’t overdo the espressos).

8 Use Inappropriate Language

This is not an informal situation, so don’t use informal language or slang. And definitely avoid even mild swearing! That will ensure your application gets tossed onto the ‘No’ pile.

Have you ever had a really disastrous interview? Or have you been on the other side of the table? Have you ever interviewed someone who did everything they shouldn’t do?

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