8 Types of Co-Workers You Don't Want to Be ...


8 Types of Co-Workers You Don't Want to Be ...
8 Types of Co-Workers You Don't Want to Be ...

When I used to work outside of home, I had a horrible co worker who just wouldn’t leave me alone. She would pick at everything and most of all, she’d sit on her butt while I would do all of the work. My husband and I worked in the same place, so she thought it would be clever to start a rumor that I was sleeping with someone else – my husband only laughed to her face at it – he knows better. This is to give you an idea of how bad this co worker I had to deal with was. It was getting to the point where she would bow up at me at work. It would turn into a yelling match and after awhile, I started looking into “Workplace bullying,” which is against the law. They ended up putting her inside, away from me, in the office. She says it was because of her computer skills – when really, it wasn’t. It was because she wasn’t doing work, perhaps that was because she weighed over 300 lbs? I’m glad I no longer have to work with her and am running my own business- that is the ending result – showing her who had the real computer skills. I want to give you 8 types of co-workers you don’t want to be …

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Tattle Tell

Oh yes, sure, there are certain things that you should go to the boss to. However, if you go to the boss over little stuff constantly, then you are a tattle tell. No one wants to be around a tattle tell, let alone, work with one.



I do not know about you, but I don’t like those gossipers at work. Especially when they sit there and gossip while they are being paid.


Rumor Starter

As you read in my introduction, I have had to deal with a rumor starter in the work place. I never understood why someone wants to start rumors – they are no good.



Having to work beside a negative employee is no fun. It makes things tough on you. My advice for this: Ignore them and have only positive thoughts.


Suck up

Oh yes, the suck up employee. You know, the one that is extremely nice to the boss. The one that brings the boss gifts. I am sure you know the type of employee I am talking about right now – surely you have dealt with one.


Make Fun of Others

I don’t like making fun of others and I certainly do not enjoy being around someone who likes to make fun of others. I want no part of that at work.


Call in Sick a Lot

I can understand if you are sick. I can understand if you do it ever so often, but when you do it a lot, that is when it gets annoying. Then, you come into work looking extremely well the next morning? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. If you are this sick, then you should go to the doctor to figure out why you are constantly getting sick.



Yes, I have had my fair share of lazy workers in a work place. You know, those workers that sit there and let others do the work. It seems that I always get stuck with this type of person.

Those are 8 types of co-workers you don’t want to be. All of this makes me happy that I no longer have to put up with these type of workers. I am glad I am running my own company. While I do have writers who tend to leave off and not meet deadlines, at least I don’t have to deal with them in person and am in charge of it all. So, what type of person do you not like working with?

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