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8 Worst Types of Bosses to Work for ...

By Melanie

I don’t feel like sharing my experience right now, but I will just tell you that I have been through heck and back in a workplace – which is the main reason I work for myself today. I guess it has shaped me and made me who I am today and that’s fine. Right now, I am going to give you 8 worst types of bosses to work for …

8 The Accuser Boss

When your boss sits there pointing fingers at you, this is a big no. Your boss should not point any fingers at you when he/she is talking to you – you are not a dog. Plus, they are doing nothing but accusing you of something that you did not do.

7 The Type Who Hates the opposite Sex Boss

Oh yes, if you are a guy and you have a girl boss who seems to have it out for every guy in the work place, you better watch it. The same goes for girls - if you are a girl who has a guy who seems to have it out for every girl in the work place – you better watch it. The type who hates the opposite sex boss just doesn’t sound fun.


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6 A Racist Boss

This is sad, isn’t it? However, in today’s world, you will still find racism going on. You will find racism against blacks, against whites, against Arabs, against Jews, against Chinese – no matter what, it’s alive and running in its own little way. A racist boss is no fun and really, something should be done about it.

5 The Nice Guy/Girl

You know the nice guy – the type who really does not want to tell you what is wrong to your face. Therefore, they continue forward is if nothing is wrong as they are secretly letting it build up. In turn, they talk about you behind your back and even have someone else fire you. In fact, they might even frame you. Oh yes, what a nice guy. Nice guy really isn’t nice now is he?

4 Control Freak Boss

The control freak always has to have it their way. I mean, sure, they are, after all, the boss, but to what line? What if you spent a long time cleaning something only for them to come along and find something wrong? No matter what, they will always find something wrong. They will go out of their way to find something wrong.

3 Too Friendly Boss

Oh yes, if your boss is too friendly, then this is no good. You could pull sexual harassment, but this doesn’t stop you from having to go through it. There are men bosses that are to friendly and there are girl bosses that are too friendly. You should always tell someone.

2 The Hide in the Office Boss

Dang, that boss never comes out of the office! It seems they do nothing, except sit in the office all day. Are they really working? Do you even know the bosses name? Or face for that matter?

1 The Stay Late and Make You Stay Late Too Because They Hate Their Family Boss

Oh no! You are cursed with this boss? That is really bad, because he or she hates being at home, they will bring their employer down with them. Watch it.

Those are 8 worst types of bosses to work for. If you have this type of boss, then I feel for you. I had a boss that would merely fit 6 out of 8 of these categories. So, what would you do in a situation with a boss like this?

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