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7 Technologies I Refuse to Use ...

By Jennifer

I’m no techno-phobe, but I have to admit that there are some technologies that either weird me out (like web cams) or make me wonder why I need them (like e-calendars). It’s not that I don’t understand them, and it’s not that my friends haven’t tried, several times, to sell me on their various charms. In spite of their constant teasing and cajoling, here are 7 technologies I refuse to use…

Table of contents:

  1. e-calendars
  2. mobile email
  3. web cam
  4. microwave (except for popcorn)
  5. tv shows on my ipod
  6. a scale
  7. e-reader

1 E-calendars

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I love my spiral-bound day planner by Paperchase, and I can’t imagine using a calendar on my computer, or worse, on my phone, instead. I find it so much easier to just write down m plans, rather than opening an app or a program and typing everything in. Besides, you can’t use stickers or pretty color pens unless you use a paper calendar or planner!

2 Mobile Email

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Do I really need to be THAT available? Do I need to be available by email while I’m at the dentist, the dry cleaners, the dog groomer? No. For those few peaceful minutes, I can actually handle not responding to clients and friends within five minutes. Need to get in touch with me immedaitely? Call me. Text me.

3 Web Cam

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This just creeps me out for some reason. A web cam? So people can SEE while I’m chatting? No. Not this girl. It’s not like I look gross, or that I’m doing anything embarrassing (like picking my nose) while I’m using the computer… it’s more that I need the slight screen… or I’d be using the phone, right? It just strikes me as slightly pervy…

4 Microwave (except for Popcorn)

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I absolutely REFUSE to use my microwave for anything other than making popcorn. Want to heat up pizza? Heat your regular oven to 425, and place a metal cookie sheet in there while it pre-heats. Put the cold pizza on the cookie sheet once the oven s ready, and let it bake for 5 minutes. When you take it out, the cheese will be melty and gooey, and the crust will be crisp at the bottom, like nature intended. Soggy microwave pizza? No way!

5 TV Shows on My IPod

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My daughter downloads TV shows to her iPod all the time, but call me old-fashioned (or just old), I can’t watch and enjoy a show on a screen that small. Sure, it’s convenient to watch a show wherever and whenever you want to, but what’s the point if you can’t actually see it?

6 A Scale

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I’m very health and weight conscious, but I do not, and will never, own a scale. Why would I want to torture myself like that? If my clothes fit, I’m right on target. If they’re a little loose, I can have that extra Oreo after dinner. If they’re snug, well, it’s time to re-think those Oreos for a while. Who needs to count ever ounce or pound? It’s discouraging, and helps you obsess.

7 E-Reader

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I love books, the way they feel in my hands, the smell… reading is a very tactile experience, and I love it. I love the very visceral process of reading, turning pages… none of which I can get on the Kindle. The books on my shelf are my friends, and nothing compares to an afternoon in Jane Austen’s world, reading books as they were intended — in actual BOOKS.

Those are the technologies I refuse to use, and don’t even get me started on the technologies I love to use… are you an old-fashioned girl like me, clinging devotedly to your books and calendars? Or have you embraced the new and now scorn all things paper? Please let me know!

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