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13 Things to NOT do with Your Pimple ...

By Melanie

Today, I have decided to write a blog on things to not do with your pimple. You see, pimples are not something that anyone wants to have on their face and there could be some things that you could be doing that make the problem even worse. Below, I am going to give you 13 things to not do with your pimple. If you find that you are doing some of these things, then obviously, you will need to change those habits.

13 Use Make-up That is Greasy or Oily

Use Make-up That is Greasy or OilyYou need to avoid using oily, greasy makeup. Why? Because it is a known fact that it will clog those pores. Bad makeup is responsible for the development of acne, so the next time you are looking for new makeup, be sure to choose some that will not clog those pores! This is definitely one of those things to not do with your pimple.

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12 Neglect the Skin

You should wash your face once in the morning and once during the evening. If you have oily face, then you have to wash your face at least two times a day.

11 Using Too Much Make up

Using Too Much Make upUsing excessive make up will only make that face worse. I am sure you will look good even if you do not have all of that make up on your face.
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10 Touching Your Face Too Much

No matter how smooth your skin is or how much you like touching your face, you shouldn’t do it. Your hands are not clean. They are known for carrying a lot of bacteria around as you touch different objects. I do not think touching your face with that dirty hand is a good move.

9 Eating Oily Foods

Eating Oily FoodsAmongst every list of things to not do with your pimple, you will always see this one. Oily foods are something you should avoid. This is because oily food could cause your body to produce more natural body oil or sebum. Instead, I believe a good move would be replacing that oily food with fruits and vegetables.

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8 Squeezing

No matter what your beliefs are, squeezing that pimple will not chase it off. In fact, it will only irritate your skin even more as it sends the bacteria deeper into your skin.

7 Overdoing the Medication and Products

Many believe that more is better, but this is not necessarily true. There are cases where overdoing medication and products could make your skin even worse.

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6 Wearing Tight Clothes and Hats

Those tight clothes and hats will prevent your skin from breathing. This can contribute to dirt, oil and bacteria buildup.

5 Sleeping on Your Face

Sleeping on Your FaceYou may want to avoid this as it is the same as tight clothing. Sleeping on your back is just as comfortable.

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4 Washing Your Face with Strong Chemicals

This is definitely something that you should not do. Many believe that the stronger the medication, the faster it will clear up the acne, but this is not true. You should use mild soap when you are washing your face.

3 Neglecting Your Health

Neglecting Your HealthThis is one of those things you should not do. You should pay attention to your general state of health. You should employ a healthy, balanced diet.

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2 Getting Too Stressed

When you are stressed, it can cause your acne to get worse. I recommend you trying yoga or something to relieve that stress.

1 Not Doing Anything about It

Not Doing Anything about ItIf you have acne, then you should obviously do something about it. There are many natural treatments or products that you can use. I recommend the natural treatments as they are not harsh on your skin.

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There you have 13 things to not do with your pimple. I know that you and that pimple are not best friends and I also know that you want to get rid of them right away. That is why I decided to write this blog, because I see so many out there doing more harm than they are doing good. Do you have anything else that you should not do with your pimple?

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