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7 Things Women Really Eat ...

By Aprille

Being a woman, I know that I eat some strange things, according to my husband. There are always certain times of the month that I crave chocolate with just about anything. When my iron levels get low, I have certain foods that I crave. Here are 7 things women really eat, well, at least I eat them! I’m sure you have your own little list of oddities that you enjoy from time to time as well or know someone who eats strange things.

Table of contents:

  1. carrots with peanut butter
  2. french fries in mayo and bbq sauce
  3. cheese puffs with ranch dressing
  4. bananas sprinkled with nutmeg
  5. hazelnut spread with peanut butter
  6. almonds and orange juice
  7. melted chocolate with diced maraschino cherries

7 Carrots with Peanut Butter

Photo Credit: fushigi88

I first started dipping carrots in PB when I was on vacation and didn’t have anything to spread the peanut butter with. I used a carrot and then ate the peanut butter coated veggie. To my surprise, it was delicious! My husband let out an exclamation of ‘Ewww!’ the first time he saw me eating PB and carrots. One of my boys likes this combination of foods, but the other one follows in his dad’s footsteps.

6 French Fries in Mayo and BBQ Sauce

Photo Credit: Gudlyf

My husband avoids mayonnaise as it is, so thinking about mixing mayo with anything makes him nauseous. I like the combined flavor of the barbeque sauce and the mayo. Sometimes these condiments by themselves can be overpowering. The mayo tones down the spices in the BBQ sauce, while creating a creamier texture. The salty fries dipped in this sauce make a complete flavor package for me. Yum!

5 Cheese Puffs with Ranch Dressing

Photo Credit: Camille Dodge

You really have to eat these quickly; otherwise the puff gets too soggy. It’s sort of like soaking a cookie too long in milk. There’s that fine line between too long and just right, when it comes to dipping cheese puffs in ranch dressing. If you wait too long, you end up with a puff stump and an orange gooey mass in the bowl of dressing. I’ve tried using the extra crunch cheese snacks, but I didn’t like the additional crunch. Puffs are the best for this combo.

4 Bananas Sprinkled with Nutmeg

Photo Credit: *hb19 (R.I.P.)

I eat this for breakfast a lot of the time. I slice the banana lengthwise or cut it into circles, then sprinkle nutmeg over the top. If the banana is fairly green, then I’ll add some honey to sweeten it up a bit. This even makes a great snack too. Nutmeg is great for removing toxins from the liver, aids in digestion, gets rid of excess gas, and increases blood circulation.

3 Hazelnut Spread with Peanut Butter

Photo Credit: daveleb

I usually eat this combination on a spoon, but sometimes I’ll go to the extra trouble and put it on toast. It’s sort of a rich version of a peanut butter cup. The cocoa added to the hazelnut spread is probably what makes it so delicious. I’m all for anything with chocolate added to it! With hazelnut spread, a little bit goes a long way. It’s actually hard to get the entire container before it expires. Thankfully there are two jar sizes to choose from.

2 Almonds and Orange Juice

Photo Credit: joey_joey_joey

I crave almonds and orange juice from time to time, but I haven’t figured out why this combination appeals to me. I don’t mix them together like cereal, but simply eat a handful of almonds and wash them down with a huge glass of orange juice. Water, milk, or any other type of juice just doesn’t cut it; it has to be orange juice. I also like whole almonds that are semi-salty on the outside.

1 Melted Chocolate with Diced Maraschino Cherries

Photo Credit: armigeress

I don’t know many women who don’t like chocolate. Melting some chocolate chips in the microwave and dumping in some diced Maraschino cherries is the perfect fix for my sweet tooth. I bet this would be tasty on ice cream too, if I ever thought about this before finishing the chocolate/cherry mix. Maraschino cherries have the perfect texture; firm and slightly crunchy like a pickle.

These 7 things women really eat surely have to be included on someone else’s list as well. I can’t be the only one who likes these things. Can I? Is there something that you crave from time to time that might seem odd to others? I seem to like things that my husband and sons turn their noses up at or at least give me a questioning look when I eat them. Do you have some sort of food combination that you think others should at least try? Please feel free to share!

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