7 Ways to Use Essential Oils


7 Ways to Use Essential Oils
7 Ways to Use Essential Oils

No doubt you’ve heard of – and maybe even tried – aromatherapy. But did you know that there are lots of other uses for essential oils? Here are some ideas for adding a gorgeous scent to your home. A word of warning though - do make sure that you don’t get the undiluted oil on your skin, avoid if pregnant, and buy genuine essential oils, not perfume oils, which aren’t the genuine article.

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Air Freshener

I really can’t stand those commercial air fresheners – they make me feel like I’m going to choke. So I make my own instead, which are far nicer (and cheaper as well). It’s really simple. Just buy a small spray bottle, fill it with water, and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. It’ll give your home a gorgeous fresh smell – and it’s completely natural.


Odour Eater

Because of the job they do, bins do tend to smell rather unpleasant. So here’s a little tip for reducing the pong. It probably won’t eliminate it entirely, but it all helps! So here’s what you do. Take a ball of cotton wool, tip a few drops of essential oil onto it (lemon or tea tree are good) and place it inside the bin liner.



Several oils are known for having antiseptic or antibacterial properties. There are too many to list here, but lavender is an excellent choice for skin problems, and is known for its soothing properties. As for cleaning the home, if you like to avoid harsh chemical cleaners, you can make your own products using simple ingredients like vinegar or soda crystals. Add a drop or two of lemon, tea tree or rosemary oil, for example.



Again, a reminder – check with an aromatherapist if pregnant. Otherwise, persuade your partner to give you a lovely massage with scented oil! Use a carrier oil such as almond to dilute the essential oils, lie back and enjoy both the massage and the gorgeous smell.



Oils are fabulous in a bath if you don’t like bubbles or are allergic to bath products. Pour several drops under the running water, so that it mixes properly. Try a mixture of oils – I love the combination of orange and cinnamon – and again, lie back and enjoy the scent as you soak.


Oil Burner

As with air fresheners, I’m not keen on artificial ‘fragrance’ oils; I’d rather buy the real thing. If you have an oil burner, you can use essential oils with it – just one drop in the water should be enough. Or alternatively rub a couple of drops into a candle and the fragrance will disperse around the room as the candle burns.


Cosmetic Products

As I have skin allergies, I have to be wary of commercial cosmetic products. So I like to make my own creams, face masks etc. Obviously these don’t keep as well as bought products, since they don’t have the preservatives. So one thing I often do is to take a basic skin cream and add a drop of essential oil. Instant body lotion – and I can change the scent every time!

What other uses have you found for essential oils – they really are so versatile that there are bound to be more

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