10 Most Frequent Questions about Periods - Answers for Teens ...

When I was a teenager, I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about my period, and I had so many questions! Here are some common period questions, with some very good answers.

1. Why Am I Not Regular?

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Most women have their period at 21 to 28 days. But if you’ve just started having your period, it may not be regular. Also, changes in diet or stress can make your period irregular, too.

2. What Color Should My Blood Be?

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Menstrual blood can be bright red, but as time goes on, it may change to brown. It’s normal.

3. Which is Better, Tampons or Pads?

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It depends. I prefer tampons, but some women aren’t comfortable inserting or removing them. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

4. How Can I Get Rid of Cramps?

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The best choice is to not get them to begin with: a few days before you’re supposed to start your period, start taking Motrin. Also, drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeine.

5. Can I Still Play Sports or Swim?

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Yes! You can still do all of the things you normally do, unless you’re feeling crampy or tired.

6. Can I Still Get Pregnant?

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Yes, you can still get pregnant even if you’re on your period, so be sure to use birth control if you’re having sex.

7. Should I Take More Vitamins?

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No, you do not need to take extra vitamins, as long as you’re eating well.

8. What’s Wrong with My Skin?

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The flux in hormones as your period draws near can cause acne. Again, make sure you drink plenty of water, and your skin should clear up.

9. How Long Should It Last?

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A normal period should be between three and five days, sometimes as long as a week.

10. Is There Something Wrong with Me?

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If your period is extremely heavy, if you have large clumps in your blood, if you experience extreme pain, or if your period lasts longer than seven days, you ought to consult a doctor.

Do you have any other questions, or any additional answers to share? Please help all of us other girls and let us know!

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