10 Tips on Using Tampons for the First Time ...


10 Tips on Using Tampons for the First Time ...
10 Tips on Using Tampons for the First Time ...

Are you thinking of trying out tampons for the first time? Many teenager girls are discouraged and embarrassed about asking their mom how to use tampons, so they end up using the easiest solution for them, which is those bulky old pads that do not allow you to move around much.

Tampax, Playtex and Kotex are basically the same tampon. Some have plastic applicators while others have cardboard. Some are super compact, but they are all the same general product.

On the other hand Ob is completely different – those are the ones you have to insert yourself…with your finger. Can’t say I really liked doing that one, so the first box of Ob tampons was my last.

However, do not rule them out right away, because some women like them.
I understand that you are in need of some tips on using tampons for the first time.

Before I get to telling you those tips, I want to tell you that there is nothing embarrassing about your period. It’s a natural thing, so there is no need to blush each time the word “period” comes up…
Tip #10
No matter what, you should never choose a tampon or pad based upon an advertisement that you saw on television.

Sure, the women on that television are smiling and swimming laps happily, but girls, she isn’t really menstruating at that time.

She is telling you just how great it is, but you may get it only to find that it does not work for you. That is sales pitch at its finest. It is best if you do your research and see what other women are saying on blogs. Blogs just like this one…
Tip #9
Insert and remove the tampon slowly. Even if you have used the tampon a thousand times, if you are too rough with it, you could injure yourself.

When you have a good menstrual flow, this won’t be the issue, because the vagina will be well lubricated.

However, in the beginning or end, when the flow starts to ease off, you may not be so lubricated and it can really hurt if you pull it out too fast.
Tip #8
Oh yeah and if you are using OB tampons, make sure you wash your hands both before and after you insert the tampon.
Tip #7
I do not recommend you using scented tampons. When you do so, it could irritate the vagina and that could lead to a rash or an infection.

If you think having a period is the worst feeling a girl can have, just know that it is nothing compared to having an infection down there.
Tip #6
Do you have really bad cramps? If so, then you should use a pad. Why? Because using tampons can make those cramps even worse.
Tip #5
As you are inserting the tampon, just relax and point it towards the small of your back where your waistline is and do it slowly.
Tip #4
Trust yourself. When you are inserting the tampon, you really do not have to see what you are doing…you really don’t WANT to see it.
Tip #3
You can’t get it in? Relax and wiggle it around a bit.
Tip #2
Putting a bit of water soluble lubricant on the tip of the tampon may be a good idea. You can put lubricant such as K-Y Jelly on it.
Tip #1
Most of all, if that string gets lost, DO NOT panic! Tampons are not going to go any further into you if you lose that string.

If the tampon is out of your reach, then squar down as low as you possible can and see if you can find that string…yes, with your fingers. If you do not find it, then see if you can feel the end of it. Bearing down may also help you push it out further.

IF you are not able to get it out yourself, then just go to the doctor and they will take it out in no time. Trust me, you will not be the first person with this problem.

Girls, if you have any other tips for the girls that just started using or are thinking of using tampons and you think it would make things better for them, then please share it…

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dnt use tampons..it can break ur hymen.. after marriage ur husband wil feel u r not virgin..

Hi. I'm 12 and i stated my period abou 3 months ago. when i had my first period i used a tampon. i wasn't bad at all. don't worry about it!

if you are going to use tampons I recommended the plastic ones because the cardboard ones HURT!

tnx for d tips. i m using OB. here i can find only this one. what s the difference? could u share?

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