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Are you attending a holiday party? How about getting the hostess something nice? These ideas will make you the best guest this year and will guarantee you an invite to the next party.

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The other night, I saw two high school kids in the bus going gaga over their Twilight board game. I bet they'd love to get these this Christmas.


Everyone knows someone who would rather spend money on makeup than on food. These items are for her.


I think any guy would love good headphones this Christmas. In fact, I'd love good headphones myself.


I fancy myself a Bohemian, but really, that's just my imagination. BUT, I would love to receive the items listed here.

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The twilight gifts are actually pretty good.. I would wear them and I'm not a big fan. LOVELOVE everything on this list. especially the guys, they're so hard to shop for.

Meream: Your bf's tastes may be different but some ideas I've had were iPod, iTouch, PSP, DS lite, headphones, designer clothes, LV wallet, etc! good luck (:

Amy: So true about boys being hard to shop for. I still have not decided what to get the boyfriend. :-/ SG: I still have not decided what to get the "men" in my life. Can't decide what to buy for the boyfriend, the boyfriend's dad, and my own dad. Haha.Can't blame your granddaughter, I'm a Minnie Mouse fan as well. :D Erika: Mix tape, huh? Hmmm..If only I can teach myself how to operate the boyfriend's iPhone and I might just give him a modern version of the mix tape. Unfortch, the iPhone is too complicated a device for me. Haha :D

Amy: I'll probably give him headphones instead. He is using mine at the moment because he lost his. Haha

Sheila, LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL! Easy to please, but extreamly expensive! :)

Gift guides for shopping for boys are always essential. The male species is so finicky. If it were up to me I'd just make them a mix tape and be done with it! :) By the way, your comment so made my day yesterday, Meream. I truly hope I am famous for those words someday! :P

I agree Sheila. I love doing shpping for my girlfriends. I have lots of ideas to choose from. But boys are such a headache! LOL!

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