5 Early Thanksgiving Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Early Thanksgiving Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Early Thanksgiving Posts to BlogStalk ...

Prepare for All That Turkey Goodness by Getting Fit First

How? Sign up for a Thanksgiving Day race near you. This way, you get to eat all pumpkin slices you want without worrying too much about the weight you're gaining.

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Heavenly Cranberry Sauce

Forget the one straight out of the can. Make your own for a more memorable Thanksgiving dinner!


Are you meeting your boyfriend's family this Thanksgiving? Or are you open to the idea of starting your own traditions as a couple?


Courtesy of Beyonce and Sir Paul McCartney, of course. Check this post to learn more about this Thanksgiving show.


After all, giving thanks should also include being nice to Mother Earth. In fact, the only way we can ever thank her this holiday season is to have a green Thanksgiving.
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That's great, suburbangrandma! I cannot wait to see photos in your blog. Hehe

AAHH I am still having trouble with the fact that's it only a couple of weeks away!!!

I really wish I were a couple this Thanksgiving. The holidays are depressing when you're a singleton. That said, I can't resist Thanksgiving - I need to make that Heavenly Cranberry Sauce! :)

Cafe Fashionista, Maybe you'll have luck this year love!! :)

Hi Meream! We don't have this holiday here but what I've seen from the movies is that everyone is eating a big turkey :)

I am so lucky this year!!! This year, my children and their spouses are spending Thanksgiving in our house. We alternate Christmas and Thanksgiving every year with their spouses families. Last year Thanksgiving was away, but Christmas was at home, and this year it will be the other way around. It's not easy, but that is the only way to keep family harmony. I love making my own cranberry sauce and corn bread, but I am not sure about onions in my cranberry sauce.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU!!

I totally love this holiday!!! My favourite time of the year, as we celebrate it to the full! ;)

These look great! Thanks for getting me excited about Thanksgiving today. :)

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