5 Budget Fashion Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Budget Fashion Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Budget Fashion Posts to BlogStalk ...

Recycled as in reused. But in a way that makes the same dress look different each time. Check this post to know how.

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If you can afford the $1,895.00 Chloe Paraty, by all means, go buy one. But if you think that that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a bag, get the budget version.


Who knew you could buy some cute stuff under $20? Only at Payless, with their current sale. Check this post to see which items you can get.


For a girly yet casual look, chiffon tops are great. You don't have to break the bank for a really nice one, though. Check this post to know where to find cheap ones.


One Shoulder Beauties under $100

One shoulder dresses are all the rage these days. For holiday parties, try these fairly cheap numbers.
Top Image by **the_amanda**

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Diana: So true. $2000 can buy a lot of more important stuff. Tavia: The piggy is super cute, isn't she? (I assume it's a girl haha).

I love finding great dress shoes at payless too Sheila...I always go there for my flip-flops too! :)

Sheila, Neither here in Malta!! :(

Payless is so aptly named. :D

What a great find at Cafe's blog! Only $46 for the look a like of an almost $2,000 bag! Do they know only celebs can afford something like that...what about us!

Hi Meream! Thanks for the recommendation.....btw I like the piggy :)

Different styles with our outwear is a real must! I never thought of changing so much styles with a dress, usually the first time I wear something I continue with the same pattern.. Same accesories, coat, bag, shoes.. Thanks for sharing these with us Meream. You gave me such great ideas!! The budget Verson of that Chloe bag is such at an amazing price!! I only look at cetain bags and dream of them because of their prices, but considering this one which is a copy of the original one, the price is truly amazing, yet thanks again! The payless staff is amazing! A site I never knew of.. I'm going to search it through though and see what I can find, if it ships to our place :D Thanks Meream for such wonderful ideas and for amazing sites with pricing budget!

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