5 LOL-tastic Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 LOL-tastic Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 LOL-tastic Posts to BlogStalk ...

Well, NOT. Seriously, how stupid is this song? Why on Earth would you include the words LOL SMILEY FACE in the lyrics???

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Fashion Blogging Outtakes

This is not only funny but cute, too. We all know fashion bloggers who always look picture-perfect. But that is not always the case and Champagne and Marshmallows is goofy enough to show us.


This time, the designer himself, Emanuel Ungaro, said that it was a disaster. Poor Lindsay.


Ever wanted to say something witty about the new BFF-hood that is Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston? Now is your chance!


Okay, that title is funny. But there's an even more LOL-tastic part to this post: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag wrote a book! I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING.
Top Image by **Pink Sherbet Photography**

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Meream, Loool, They're just getting into the picture, unfortunately and mor so For BradAngi! :S

I hear you about Speidi, Xannyy. I am still praying (HARD) that they just go away.

Haha, just reading the titles of these posts I'm cracking up. Can't wait to check 'em out!

Christinalee: I know, right? Apparently, they are smart and can influence us. Hahaha

LOL for number 5 :))

A book, huh? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! LOL:)

Totally LOL post!! Thanks Meream!! The truth is about Post 1. Is that I don't hate that song! It's not my favourite but when I hear it I just listen to it.. And regarding Post 5 - Girl you were going to kill me with laughter!!!!! ... SPEIDI: we always love it when people come up to us and say nice things—which happens more than you think... Looool I still can't stop laughing! Some people are really gross!!!

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