5 Red Posts to BlogStalk...


5 Red Posts to BlogStalk...
5 Red Posts to BlogStalk...

How about these beautiful BCBG Dante pumps? In velvet and featuring crystals that will make any outfit ready for a party.

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Imagine just walking and minding your own business when you meet these beauties. Won't they make your day? I sure love the cage/lace-type style.


If you are looking for red items to keep your holiday spirits up, this is the post for you. From shoes to underwear, this post has got your covered.


Signature Red Soles

Have you seen the Christian Louboutin Maggie Pumps? I feel that I don't have the proper amount of "oomph" to pull them off. Victoria Beckham sure does, though.


How about some red lips to reach a new level of HOT? As in, SIREN HOT. Try this Hourglass lip sheen for help.

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Rasilla, I'm sure if you try some colors they would suit you to perfection. And you would totally forget your black clothes! :)

I like red, too; definitely more than turquoise!

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