5 Thought-Provoking Posts to BlogStalk...


5 Thought-Provoking Posts to BlogStalk...
5 Thought-Provoking Posts to BlogStalk...

What do you do when the guy you're with is a bad kisser?

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It's not so weird until you realize that her boyfriend's 6-year old son often sees her naked.


South Africa Thinking of Legalizing Prostitution for World Cup

Doing so means screening sex workers. It seems to be a good move since about 50% of sex workers in South Africa is HIV positive. What do you think of this issue?


Don't be. Read this helpful post to know why.


the RL Ad Fiasco

Ralph Lauren printed an ad so heavily photoshopped that model Filippa Hamilton looked like a bobble head. Read what the company is doing about this ad now.

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Interesting list of posts, Meream! Thanks for sharing the links! :)

In terms of number one; I think it's up to you to decide how much you really like the bad kisser in question. If you see him/her as someone you could be in a long-term relationship with, well, then it's your duty to gently try to show them how to be a good kisser - without hurting their feelings, of course. Love these links. Though number two...tres weird! :)

Chris- I heard about that, in a mag. ,

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