10 Best Celebrities Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Celebrities Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Celebrities Blogs for Women ...

Popsugar is amazing because it is the complete opposite to the mean, opinionated, and nasty celebrity blogs out there. There is nothing wrong with those blogs but I love reading about celebrities without having to hate them. Pop definitely delivers.

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CELEBRITY BABIES What could be more fascinating that celebrities? Their children, of course! This blog is fantastic because I get to see the cute outcomes of various celebrity matches.


PEREZ HILTON Everyone knows Perez. He's the "Queen of All Media," after all. I don't always agree with his posts but it's just so much fun reading him.


JUST JARED This is another "nice" celebrity blog. What I love most about Just Jared are the pictures that come with every post. During the awards season, if you want to look at Angelina's dress from all angles, Just Jared is your guy.


D LISTED This is defnitely one of my daily surfing stops. This blog is just too funny for words. Loaded with sarcasm and attitude, this blog is pure guilty pleasure.


the SUPERFICIAL A celebrity blog with attitude. The posts here are really funny. It's also fun to exchange opinions with the other readers.


JEZEBEL This blog is not focused on actors and performers alone. You'll also get dirt on famous politicians and media personalities. Truly delectable.


PINK is the NEW BLOG If you can get past the sheer "pink-ness" of the font, you'll love this blog. It takes a while for my eyes to adjust but this blog is chock full of stories about our favorite celebrities. The pink stars on the photos add a cute touch.


This is a great blog if you want to stalk Suri or the Brangelina brood. The owner is a celebrity mom, too. I am really curious who she is.


I AM NOT OBSESSED After visiting I Am Not Obsessed, you will know more than just the latest gossip on your favorite stars. You will also get amazing tips on celebrity fashion, shopping alerts, and more.

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PS I agree with what you said about PopSugar and reading about celebrities without the hating them...it's nice to hear what celebrities do and not hate who they are! :)

Think about this : Jennifer Lopez -Ex Husbands : actor Ojani Noa, dancer Chris Judd, Singer Marc Anthony, two children:.She supposedly got involved Ben Affleck 2001-2 and Engagement 2002, call it off in 2004. That was 2 years they were in and out of their relationships? Then Ben Affleck marrys Jennifer Garner has children: Violet 16,Seraphina 13, Samuel 10. Jennifer Garner really loved Ben Affleck cause she went out of her way many times to help him with his alcoholism and not to mention she had few children by him as well. So how long will the relationship Ben with Lopez last ? Will it be 2yrs?

Really best celebrities blogs for women.

Yeah, Pop is definitely one of the nicest blogs out there. :)

D listed is my favourite blog ! WAyy too funny for words :) . Great List !!

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