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5 Beauty Posts to BlogStalk ...

By Meream

1 Great Opportunity for plus Size Models

If you want to be a part of the plus size models industry, check this post or head on over to

2 Tips for Eyeliner Application for Those with Oily Lids

Do you have oily lids? If you do, you probably have a hard time making your eyeliner stick to your lids. Follow Karen's steps for perfect application.

3 Salon Nightmare

Ever went to a salon only to pay a lot for a style that you did not ask for? You are not alone. Read Super Kawaii Mama's account.

4 Deal with Those Pesky Bangs

Bangs are cute but sometimes, they get in your way. They make sewing hell for me, for instance. Check this video to hide your bangs when you need to.

5 Never Lose Sight of Your Lip Gloss Ever Again

How? Tie it with a string and clip it to your clothing, that's how. Clever or tacky?
Top Image by: Jacklyn DL

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