8 Strangest Themed Restaurants from around the World ...

Would you ever eat out of the toilet bowl, organize a get together in a giant coffin or pay big bucks to dig your knife and fork into a corpse? Nope? Well, you don’t have to because there are many people out there that are willing to bring their standard ” wining and dining” experience to a whole different level. However, in case you ever decide to spend a fortune eating out in a bizarre environment, here’s 8 restaurants you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Buns ‘n’ Guns, Beirut, Lebanon

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Photo Credit: womansday.com

If you ever happen to be hungry and in the mood for something violent while visiting Beirut, Lebanon, ask your tourist guide to show you how to get to one of the wackiest restaurants over there –Buns and Guns, where “Sandwiches can kill you.” Everything looks dangerous in this military themed restaurant so, if the helicopter sounds played in the background don’t scare you, a terrorist meal definitely will.

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