8 Brilliantly Weird Museums ...

I do enjoy a good museum. When I lived in London, I just loved being able to visit the V&A and the Natural History Museum on a regular basis. Where I live now we have the shoe museum, which to be fair is actually pretty cool and when I go on vacation I like to visit a local museum. I’m still not sure whether the weird and wonderful is my sort of thing and after looking up this lot I’m about to present to you I really have just one question: Why?

1. The Icelandic Phallological Museum

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Image source: 28.media.tumblr.com

I’m sure if this museum was based somewhere on mainland Europe or in the States it would get more visitors. This museum is dedicated to the penis. It has 272 specimens from 92 different species including human. There are also 300+ oddments relating to the general penis theme –one can only imagine… What did John Bobbitt do with his?

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