9 Great Things about Summer ...


9 Great Things about Summer ...
9 Great Things about Summer ...

I know that not everyone enjoys the summer. Plenty of people find the hot weather too much, and long for cooler temperatures. Personally I love summer! I’m lucky to live somewhere where it gets hot but not unbearable (I know someone suffering in 110F heat right now). Here are some of the reasons to enjoy summer.

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Sunshine Photo Credit: neloqua

Even if you don’t sunbathe (I avoid it), there’s something about the long sunny days that just makes you feel better. When I lived in the UK, I found the lack of sunshine depressing, especially in winter. Now I’m in Spain, where there are lots of beautiful sunny days!



Simplicity Photo Credit: Dreamer's Intuition

Getting dressed becomes very easy. You don’t have to think about coordinating outfits, just pull on a t-shirt and pair of shorts and you’re done! For footwear all you need is sandals or flipflops.


Siesta Time

Siesta Time Photo Credit: Espinal™

The warm weather is a great excuse to enjoy a nice relaxing snooze. Heat tends to make you feel drowsy, so put your feet up and take that nap.


Eating outside

It’s not often that I go out to dinner, but when I do it’s very pleasant to be able to sit outside (providing there isn’t a lot of traffic passing). Even just having a drink or coffee is more enjoyable sitting at an outside table, and watching the world go by.



I love taking a stroll in a park on a warm day, or lounging on the grass. On a summer day, my favourite park is filled with people playing instruments, juggling or simply relaxing, and it’s a very pleasant place to be. There are also quiet parks, where you can get away from the heat and enjoy the fresh breeze.


Ice Cream

It’s hot, so what more excuse do you need to eat ice cream? This is one of the great joys of summer (ok, I eat it all year round, but for obvious reasons it’s even better in the hot weather).


Lazy Days

Summer provides the perfect excuse not to do things you don’t want to do. It’s far too hot to do the cleaning/clear out the yard/wash the car. So don’t bother. Leave it for later.



Many towns and cities have festivities and outdoor entertainment during the summer months. For example, where I live we are spoiled for choice. There is open-air cinema, concerts of all kinds, local festivals, and most of it free.


More Daylight

More Daylight Photo Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

I’m a night person, but even I enjoy the longer hours of daylight. Psychologically it seems to promote a sense of well-being, plus it must be better for the eyes to have more natural light.

Which is your favourite season? Do you also love summer, or can’t you wait for the cooler days and snow? What do you like about the different seasons?

Top Photo Credit: Omroep Brabant

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I live somewhere where 8 months of a year is unbearable summer........so its not enjoyable to me.

You Forgot No School. :)

I love summer, I slip on a pair of sandels and a sundress and go out the door.

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