5 Reasons Why Love Will Never Find You


5 Reasons Why Love Will Never Find You
5 Reasons Why Love Will Never Find You

Are you really close to e-mailing a “Dear Prudie” letter about how lonely you are and how you can’t seem to find the right guy who is willing to commit? In our search for that ever-elusive fairy tale ending in our lives, there is a reason why you are still single.

Rethinking your ‘love approach’ might be the best way to take a different perspective on your personal life. Here are the top 5 love mistakes which are keeping you single, as compiled by IVillage.com:
If you think love will never find you, it won’t.
This is something that most of us can relate to. After suffering from a really bad breakup, it will not do wonders for your self-esteem so you’ll feel as if you’re unworthy and love will never find you. The trick is to think positive and remember that everyone is worth loving. Attract positive thoughts about love and love will surely find you.
Kick the bad-boy habit.
If you think that your past boyfriends are treating you like dirt but you still get attracted to them -kick the habit. You will surely find someone who is capable of making you feel like a princess, you just have to open your eyes a bit more.
Love is not a synonym for ‘leash’.
If you already are in a relationship, remember that you have to give each other room to breathe. Don’t be the clingy, needy type who wants to be with her partner 24/7. Allow yourselves to each grow individually and you’ll find out that your time together will be more enriching than before.
Don’t commit emotional infidelity.
No matter how bad, insignificant or silly something is, try to share it with your husband or boyfriend first. When they learn that you shared something with another person is sort of an emotional betrayal which will dig a deep hole in your relationship.
You’re wrong if you need to be right.
If you feel the need to always be right: don’t. Eventually, things will blow up right in your face and you may find yourself leading a lonely, single life if you insist on always doing things your way. Ever heard of the word compromise?

Love has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it -so get rid of these negative attitudes and that special someone may just come knocking on your door soon.

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