8 Things to Buy Instead of Flowers ...

By Lyndsie

Flowers are great gifts but they do have their downsides, prompting many people to wonder what they can give to loved ones instead of flowers. After all, flowers tend to be expensive – a dozen roses can go for fifty dollars! That wouldn't be so bad, except that they also begin dying after a few days, which not only makes a mess, but also seems like a waste – and it's sad! So, here are a few things to buy instead of flowers that you can give to the people you care about the most.

1 Chocolates

I can only speak for myself here, but I'm always down for chocolates over flowers. On those occasions when you're looking for a romantic gift, whether it's for a boy or a girl, chocolates are a great option to buy instead of flowers. Everybody loves chocolate, but if the person you're buying them for doesn't, then a different kind of candy would still be perfect.

2 Cards

Sometimes words say it best, and with a card, your options are limitless. You can choose a card that says everything you want – Hallmark is a great option for this – or you can pick out a card that is largely blank. That way, you can write your own message and tell the recipient exactly how you feel.

3 Photos

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Often a simply framed photograph of you, or yourself and the recipient, can say everything. You can also think about putting together a photograph product, like a coffee mug or calendar or mouse pad. These options make great gifts – and they'll last forever.

4 Jewelry

You don't necessarily have to buy diamonds to make an impact. However, when you're looking for something to buy instead of flowers, all types of jewelry make fantastic alternatives. A charm bracelet, a necklace with a meaningful pendant, a ring chosen with care – these can all say how you feel quite well, and you needn't spend a fortune.

5 Stuffed Animals

This might be biased on my part, but I love receiving stuffed animals. The Better Half often gets me one when I am sick. For instance, once while I was visiting my parents in New York and happened to get sick at the same time, I received the most adorable Build-a-Bear dog that says “I love you” when you squeeze his ear. I melted!

6 Fruit

Chocolate covered strawberries or cherries are always a great alternative, especially on those occasions when it's popular to send flowers. You don't even have to go with the chocolate option if you know your recipient just loves fresh fruit. The advantage over flowers is that, of course, you can eat the gift!

7 Love Letters

If a card isn't quite up your alley, you can write a love letter – and as I've pointed out before, love letters don't need to be reserved solely for lovers. It's still a love letter even if you're writing to your mom or your friend to let them know you're thinking of them, you love them lots, and you just wanted them to know.

8 Homemade Gifts

There are also many things you can make yourself that can express your feelings in lieu of flowers. Basically, the only limit here is your imagination. You could knit something, you could make a candle, you can do just about anything. And, again, the fruits of your labor will last lots longer than any bloom.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can give your loved ones instead of flowers. These are just a few options, but there is an endless amount of others. What do you like to buy instead of flowers for the people you love?

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