5 Inspirations for the Home ...


5 Inspirations for the Home ...
5 Inspirations for the Home ...

Changing a wall's color can do wonders for a room. Take a look at the BEFORE photo of the red room above.

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Take a bit of summer and sunshine and put them inside your home. How? By adding bright accessories! Think yellow wall hangings and open windows.


Print & Orange

Here are fab accessories to put in your room. The print and colors are inspired by what Helen Mirren is wearing. Love the bed cover!


Do you have a room in your house where you can do nothing but come up with ideas? Here is a beauty that you REALLY MUST SEE. Look at the books!


Of course, cooking is also a great inspiration for your home. Let's go simple but yummilicious this week with peanut butter noodles.

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I love artistic paint :)

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