5 Inspirations for the Home ...

1. Paint

Changing a wall's color can do wonders for a room. Take a look at the BEFORE photo of the red room above.

2. Bright Accessories

Take a bit of summer and sunshine and put them inside your home. How? By adding bright accessories! Think yellow wall hangings and open windows.

3. Print & Orange

Here are fab accessories to put in your room. The print and colors are inspired by what Helen Mirren is wearing. Love the bed cover!

4. the Brain Home

Do you have a room in your house where you can do nothing but come up with ideas? Here is a beauty that you REALLY MUST SEE. Look at the books!

5. Peanut Butter Aroma in the Kitchen

Of course, cooking is also a great inspiration for your home. Let's go simple but yummilicious this week with peanut butter noodles.

Got links to other wonderful inspirations for the home? Please leave them by leaving a comment.